Central Coast Winter Riding – Boots and Accessories

The first rain storm of the season brought a welcome reprieve from the drought, dust and dry grass we have endured for quite awhile here on the Central Coast. So that gets us thinking about winter weather gear for Equestrians. Brie, of Riding Warehouse, shares with us up-to-date info on what is available and what works for keeping dry, warm and active while pursuing our riding activities and getting our barn chores done.

This is the second of two articles about winter riding gear for the Central Coast. Check out the first article Central Coast Winter Riding – Apparel.

Wet and Muddy Conditions Require Waterproof Boots – So Many Options

“Waterproof boots are really a necessity when conditions get wet and muddy. Your feet will stay dry and the boots are easily cleaned. There are so many options to choose from starting with a basic Women’s rubber rain boot or something more purposed like Women’s tall insulated winter riding boots.” Click on a picture or link to go to the product on the Riding Warehouse site.

Dublin Women’s Waterproof Boots

There are rubber boot styles for men as well. Check out the Justin Men’s Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots and the Justin Men’s Driller Waterproof boots.

Kids can muck about in the rain too!

Get your kids active this winter with fun rubber boots keeping their feet dry.

Hats, Gloves and Other Accessories

Keeping your head warm when out in cold to freezing weather is an important key to keeping the rest of you warm and comfortable. Brie shows us hat and head covering options for winter riding and activities:

“The Smartwool Retro Beanie is cute and will keep you nice and warm.  Headbands are also a great way to keep your ears warm and you can keep it on when you put a helmet on too. We like the Kerrits ProTek Fleece Headband. The warmth and comfort it provides will serve you well on cold mornings and evenings.

Heritage Winter Ranch/Trail Gloves

Roeckl Julia Fleece-Lined Winter Riding Gloves

Brrr . . . doing barn chores on freezing-cold winter mornings and evenings can be quite difficult when your hands can’t function. Wearing gloves not only protects your hands but keeps them warm and functioning. Brie gives some glove suggestions here, “For winter barn chores, you will probably want to select a pair of gloves that is warm but not too bulky. For this purpose, we recommend the Heritage Soft Leather Winter Ranch/Trail Gloves or the Roeckl Julia Fleece-Lined Winter Riding Gloves. Both of these gloves provide warmth without the bulk and both provide great grip on the reins as well.”

For waterproof glove options, check out the Ovation Thermaflex Winter Waterproof Riding Gloves or the Heritage Extreme Winter Riding Gloves.

Now onto the finer things of life, warm socks and scarves. Both Smartwool socks and Darn Tough Socks! wick moisture and keep your feet warm and dry.

Protect Your Leather Tack and Boots and Horse Blankets

Winter weather can take a toll on your leather tack and boots. Plan to protect your investment and prepare the leather for wet weather. Brie has some suggestions for leather protection products, “Ray Holes Leather Care Dri-Boot Waterproofing should be applied on clean leather before you are going to expose the product to water. Allow time to dry before exposure. Apply periodically throughout the rainy season as needed and follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.”

Don’t neglect tack cleaning in the winter, especially if it gets wet. Use a tried and true leather soap like Fiebings and follow up with the traditional hydrophane oil which will keep your leather supple and waterproof in every season of the year.

Does your horse’s blanket need waterproofing to prepare for the rainy season? Dry Guy Horse Blanket Waterproofing Spray offers water-repelling properties to fabric. It should be applied before exposure to moisture.

Get Out and Ride!

We live in a beautiful place with “mild” winter weather that allows us to pursue our riding activities all year round. So get out there and ride this winter with the best winter riding clothing options available. Check out options for a complete winter wardrobe with jackets and chaps to keep you warm and dry.

Just so you know, clicking the above links takes you to the product on the Riding Warehouse site. This makes shopping easy and convenient for you. We do get a little kick-back from items purchased, giving us resources to bring you more stories, yet your price stays the same. It’s a win-win! Local riders, you can order items online and request in-store pick-up – during checkout – at the Riding Warehouse store. Happy Trails!

Product photos courtesy of  Riding Warehouse.


Former Pony Clubber, Eventer and Dressage rider who balanced training and showing with getting a college degree (from Cal Poly SLO), becoming a wife and raising a family.

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