Riding Pant Options for the Equestrian : Not Just Your Ordinary Jeans

I have a confession to make . . . one of my riding pant options is a pair of breeches with a big hole where my seat hits the saddle. Yup, the inseam has pulled apart and I can now stick my whole fist through the hole . . . and I still wear them! Yikes, I think I need to do a little shopping.

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Riding Pant Options Used to Simply be Either Jeans or Breeches

Riding pant options used to be basically, jeans or breeches. Not so today, there are many new designs and materials incorporated into riding pant options. One can choose from riding jeans or breeches, boot cut breeches or specially-designed riding tights. Today’s riding pant options are all created to meet the specific needs and comforts of the equestrian.

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Let’s Start with Jeans

Denim Jeans. The tried and true go-to pant option for most western riders and equestrians hanging out at the barn. Jeans also enable you to go from barn to errands or even a night out on the town!

Although jean styles have changed over the years, jeans are here to stay. Their comfort and versatility along with durability make them every day wear for everybody, not just equestrians. Jeans are timeless.

Jeans Trouser Style

Riding Pant Options for the Equestrian : Not Just Your Ordinary Jeans  | SLO Horse News

The trouser style is very popular with equestrians. Brie from Riding Warehouse tells us, “The trouser style in general has been a very popular style for the last couple years and I don’t see the trend dying down anytime soon. Trousers are great for western riding and can also easily be dressed up in heels or fancy cowboy boots for a night out.” These are our best selling year-round trousers, the Ella by Ariat.

Wranglers are Synonymous with Western

Riding Pant Options for the Equestrian : Not Just Your Ordinary Jeans  | SLO Horse News

Oh yes, Wranglers and western just goes hand-in-hand. Wranglers are very comfortable in the saddle. Brie tell us, “The Wrangler Q Baby line is a staple here at RW and is always popular. They feature a mid-rise waist, which is a great ride that provides enough coverage in the saddle and on the ground. They are at a great price point as well. The inseams are flat, making them a comfortable choice if you are spending long hours in the saddle.”

From Barn to Night on the Town Jeans

Riding Pant Options for the Equestrian : Not Just Your Ordinary Jeans  | SLO Horse News

Should you go home and change before running an errand or hitting the town when you are done at the barn? Maybe not with these jeans.

Brie tells us about Kimes Jeans,  “These jeans wear so well, wash after wash. The quality is unbeatable. The Betty is the high rise, bootcut option, which is a very popular rise these days. This is another jean you can really dress up for the night or ride all day in. The steerhead back pocket stitching is a timeless look. Really worth the money, they will probably outlast all your other jeans. The entire Kimes jean line is made in the USA, making them a popular choice for many. The price point on the Betty jeans is higher than most but you really get what you pay for.”

Breeches are Traditional

When you think of breeches you probably connect them with tall black boots. Breeches were the first stretchable riding pant option and are still the go-to for the English style rider. They are the standard wear for schooling or competitions for all English style riding disciplines.

Full Seat Breeches

Breeches fit snugly and don’t rub against your skin while riding. Full seat breeches often are synonymous with event and dressage riding. However, many riders prefer this style for the gripping action in the saddle.

Flattering and affordable, the Ovation DX Celebrity Slim Secret Full Seat Breeches are made from stretchy, woven fabric enhanced with Dry-Tex™ technology to ensure maximum comfort for long hours in the saddle.

These front zip breeches feature a non-pinching waistband, belt loops, and two stylized side pockets for a finished look while Dry-Tex™ Tec-1® Comfort Ankle socks are sure to keep you cool and comfortable under tall boots or half chaps. Featuring a Slim Secret design, these breeches offer a secret tummy-flattening panel to provide a silhouette compliment to any riding outfit!


Riding Pant Options for the Equestrian : Not Just Your Ordinary Jeans  | SLO Horse News

Ariat Tri-factor breeches. Icefil technology in a classic looking breech, allows you to stay cool and comfortable. A unique V at the back of the waist also eliminates gaping. There are a ton of other factors that make this just a very comfortable breech option. Choose from the traditional knee patch along with the full-seat options.

Knee Patch Breeches

Looking for a more traditional English riding pant option? The knee patch breech is your choice.

Riding Pant Options for the Equestrian : Not Just Your Ordinary Jeans  | SLO Horse News

Goode Rider denim breeches– These are very popular for schooling and trail riding as they have the benefit of looking like regular jeans but the comfort of a breech- no annoying inseam to rub against your leg in the saddle. A great option for those who want to go from the saddle to the store! These also come in a full seat option.

RJ Classics Silicone Knee Patch Breeches– Tradition meets technology. These are great cooling breeches which come in a variety of colors. The cooling fabric also wicks moisture and feels super smooth. They also feature UV protection. 

Riding Tights are the new Comfortable Riding Pant Option

Riding tights are “pull-on” riding pants with no snaps/buttons or zippers. They are very popular amongst endurance and trail riders. English riders have also gravitated towards riding tights in the past few years. They are very comfortable – like yoga pants for equestrians. Here are some great options:

Riding Pant Options for the Equestrian : Not Just Your Ordinary Jeans  | SLO Horse News

This full seat tight from Kerrits is extremely popular for many reasons. Pick your “year round” color now and pick a seasonal color Kerrits offers twice per year.

IceFil is the main attraction to these tights as it lowers skin temp up to 5 degrees. Plus, the UV50 sun protection ensures safety from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Riding Pant Options for the Equestrian : Not Just Your Ordinary Jeans  | SLO Horse News

This tight from TuffRider is a very popular price point option. It features silicone knee patches, which are very popular, and also is made of a ventilated material, making them an ideal choice for warm weather rides. At the low price, people can purchase several pair in different colors to match with various tops. 

Boot Cut Riding Tights – Jeans and Breeches Rolled into one Riding Pant Option

What if you could take some of the benefits of jeans and couple them with breeches? Well you’d come up with Boot Cut Riding Tights. Great for trail riding or everyday arena riding. These riding pants can take you from the saddle to the store to sipping wine at your favorite restaurant.

Looking for easy-fit boot cut tights? You’ve found them here with Kerrits Microcord Extended Knee Patch Tights Made from ribbed Microcord, this stretchy fabric hugs your legs to prevent muscle fatigue while also creating a smooth appearance. An extended knee patch offers plenty of grip in the saddle and allows the rider to ditch the half chaps. Two back pockets complete this popular riding pant option

Flair with a flattering fit describe these Irideon Issential Bootcut Riding Tights. Cool and comfortable with four-way stretch these tights are made from Issential Irideon micro fiber. The pull-on style makes them easy to fit, yet you can still wear a belt with them. Enjoy going from saddle to barn chores in these tights.

Riding Pant Options for the Equestrian : Not Just Your Ordinary Jeans  | SLO Horse News

Kerrits Icefil– No slipping and sliding around in the saddle in these tights. The anti-slip design helps keep you in the saddle. These cooling IceFil Kerrits tights become a versatile riding pant option with the bootcut version.

Just so you know, clicking the above picture and product links takes you to the product on the Riding Warehouse website. This makes shopping easy and convenient for you. We do get a little kick-back from items purchased, giving us resources to bring you more stories, but your price stays the same. It’s a win-win! Riding Warehouse ships free to CA addresses. Local riders can skip the delivery wait by ordering items online and requesting pick-up – during checkout – at the Riding Warehouse store in San Luis Obispo. Happy Trails!

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