Learn to Give Your Horse Greater Comfort

Horses shy away from pain. Sometimes traditional means of pain relief are not effective. What if you could learn to move the horse’s body away from pain toward a more comfortable position, such that the body is able to understand its pattern or condition and self-correction can occur? Learn the techniques of Equine Positional Release at an upcoming clinic.

Boogy Boo Desensitizing Horse Camp and Trail Ride

Horse Camping presents a new set of “Boogy Boo” things for your horse to accept. Although most horses take the adventure in stride, all can use some desensitization regarding things they will encounter in camp and out on the trail. Come experience all things about a horse camping weekend at the Boogy Boo Horse Camp Event. Sharon Jantzen provides the details.

Join the Fun of a Memorial Trail Trial Honoring Fallen Heroes and Horses

The Western States Mounted Officers Association Trail Trials honors fallen mounted personnel and mounts. For more than two decades the Trail Trials have honored the dedicated Mounted Police heroes and horses by remembering them while riding and competing, building camaraderie, having fun, and winning prizes. Sharon Jantzen provides the details for this fun Trail Trial event you can be a part of.