Improve Your Partnership With Your Horse: Three Clinics Coming to VEC

Riding is a sport you enjoy in partnership with your horse. A live animal is the primary equipment needed – an animal who has feelings, thoughts, needs, reactions and opinions. In other words, a horse is not like a tennis racket. Working on improving that partnership as a rider or handler is an ongoing journey of horsemanship. Getting insight and gleaning experiences from experts can help us in our own partnerships with our horses.

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Three Clinics Help Improve Your Partnership with Your Horse

Varian Equestrian Center brings three clinics to their Arroyo Grande facility to help you develop a better partnership with your horse.

Julie is a top riding and ground-skills instructor. Her desire is to help people feel successful with their horses. She has developed techniques that allow her to adjust to various situations. Julie specializes in building a bond with your horse that applies to all equine experiences.

Julie will help you walk in your horse’s shoes as she helps you understand training from their perspective. 

#1 Building Your Horse’s Power Through Riding Straight Lines and Circles | Julie Renfro | May 18-19, 2024 at VEC

Understand the importance of riding straight lines and varying sizes of circles. This will help you maintain better balance with your horse. You will have the opportunity to feel when you are unbalanced and how to correct it with subtle cues.

Limit: 8 Riders

Clinic cost: $410 for two days

Auditors are welcome: $45/day Venmo = @JMRenfro

Perhaps you are aware of the shortage of Equine Veterinarians coming out of vet schools. This means that you, as the horse owner, will be the primary care giver for your horse before the vet can arrive. Erika is here to prepare you to be the best advocate and care-giver to your horse.

#2a Equine Health & Emergency First Aid Basic | Rockingstar | June 29, 2024 at VEC

Get ready to provide basic first aid to your horse. You’ll learn what info your vet will need to know, how to condition your horse to accept treatment, and how to take vital signs. In addition, you’ll get first aid instruction for:

  • Lacerations
  • Punctures
  • Colic
  • Collapse
  • Casting
  • Shock
  • Hoof Issues

On top of that you’ll learn how to recognize the signs of pain in your horse and where it is coming from. After learning about all these Emergency First Aid situations you will also learn how to help prevent injuries from happening.

#2b Equine Health and Emergency First Aid Advanced | Rockingstar | June 30, 2024 at VEC

You may find yourself with an extreme situation with an emergency situation with your horse. Perhaps you are traveling soon, or riding in the wilderness, or in a remote place where care will be delayed. In this advanced course you’ll get tips and techniques for dealing with:

  1. Lacerations
  2. Poisoning
  3. Burns
  4. Fractures
  5. Chest wounds

In addition you’ll assess horses for conformation issues and learn how to condition your horse to help decrease injury.

Horses not required for either First Aid course.

One day $159 or $295 for both Basic and Advanced courses.

No Auditors

Please note: The Basic course is a prerequisite for the Advanced course.

World-renowned Lester Buckley heads this way from Kentucky. Lester got started with colts, then trained and showed cutting horses which led him to a deep dive into classical dressage. Lester enjoyed a working friendship with the late Sheila Varian and worked with several of her horses.

#3 A Special Event with Lester Buckley | July 5-7, 2024 at VEC

This quote by Sheila Varian is from Lester Buckley’s testimonials:

Understanding both Western and English riding disciplines gives Lester the ability to work with all riders and horses. His main focus is teaching true horsemanship in a meaningful and relevant manner while extending grace and respect to both human and horse. 

Limit: one spot is currently open for each session

Cost: $275/private lesson (Friday) $225 for a group lesson (Sat or Sun)

Auditors: $40/day or $100/3 days – Preregistration is required Venmo = @JMRenfro (Julie is the banker).

Get Signed Up for Improving Your Partnership with Your Horse

Get insight on improving your partnership with your horse through one or all of these clinics coming to Varian Equestrian Center in Arroyo Grande. Overnight stabling is available (horse must be up-to-date on vaccinations), dry camping is available and an AirBnB stay may be available. Sign up as a participant through the Varian Equestrian Center website.

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