Sharon Jantzen

Sharon Jantzen

Former Pony Clubber, Eventer and Dressage rider who balanced training and showing with getting a college degree (from Cal Poly SLO), becoming a wife and raising a family. Presently she is enjoying riding a Rocky Mounted Gaited horse and exploring Mounted Archery. Her new baby is Whisper, a Connemara filly.

The Power of Breathing Your Horse to Calmness

Horses feel tension in us and in their herd. It is one of the triggers of the flight or fight survival instinct. Becoming mindful of our breathing can help us communicate calmness to our horses and can rid us of the tension our horses respond negatively to. Sharon Jantzen shares her “aha” moment at The Movement 2019 to get us excited about The Movement 2020.

Handling Tech in the Saddle with I Rock N Ride | SLO Horse News

Handling Tech in the Saddle with I Rock N Ride

Listening to music, or a lesson while in the saddle can be a challenge. I Rock N Ride takes care of this. Also a rider can send an emergency text or take a call in the saddle without fumbling around with a phone while handling the reins. Sharon Jantzen meets up with local rider, Leah Lane, to Spotlight her business.