Sharon Jantzen

Sharon Jantzen

Former Pony Clubber, Eventer and Dressage rider who balanced training and showing with getting a college degree (from Cal Poly SLO), becoming a wife and raising a family. Presently she is enjoying riding a Rocky Mounted Gaited horse and exploring Mounted Archery. Her new baby is Whisper, a Connemara filly.

Sam VanFleet

Groundwork Sets The Stage for Communication from the Horse’s Back

Groundwork is not just for young horses, it’s a foundation that builds every time we groom, tack-up and lead our horses. We can always go back to groundwork to set the horse up for a successful next step in the training. Want to learn more about working your horse at liberty and teaching it tricks? Sharon Jantzen brings you info on a Liberty and Tricks groundwork clinic at Sweetbeau Horses.

To, Through and Back to SLO County : A Newly-Minted Veterinarian’s Journey

Finishing out her last year at Cornell came to an early and abrupt halt two months before graduation. Across the country University hospitals closed to students. Elizabeth decided it best to make her way back “home” to the Central Coast where Megan Judge of Central Coast Polo welcomed her with open arms. Sharon Jantzen talks with newly-minted vet Elizabeth Peck about her journey of becoming a vet which takes her to, through and back to SLO County.