Boogy Boo Desensitizing Horse Camp and Trail Ride

Has your horse ever been horse camping? Horse Camping presents a new set of “Boogy Boo” things for your horse to accept. Although most horses take the adventure in stride, all can use some desensitization regarding things they will encounter in camp and out on the trail. 

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Welcome to the Boogy Boo Desensitizing Horse Camping Event May 13- 16, 2022 put on by the Black Bear Riders of Lopez Lake. Expose your horse to all the scary stuff a horse may see or not see out on the trail or in camp… like those horse-eating tents, flying plastic bags, water puddles, flags, bells, whistles, horse showers, umbrellas, a covered bridge, small cows and goats plus a whole lot more.

Get Ready for the Boogy Boo Desensitization Horse Camp and Trail Ride

This fun event is for all horse camping enthusiasts from seasoned horse campers to those just curious about how to horse camp. Boogy Boo Horse Camp is for all ages, all horses and all types of riding. The one thing all have in common is a love of trail riding and camping. The purpose is to make all trail horses safer-than-safe.

All campers (horses and humans) will enjoy the mini-cows, goats, and mini horses that will be a part of the Boogy Boo experience.  Look forward to enjoying these mini-cows. They are so tame we can take pictures of you laying by the cow or the cow sitting on your lap.  The covered bridge within the camp is also part of the event and is fun to ride through. 

There are plenty of corrals to keep your horses in plus a new round pen for our use.  Bring your own water bucket for the corral(s), horse feed and manure cleaning tools.  Plus all your tack and riding gear for trail riding. The morning of the first day is all ‘in hand’ after lunch all is done ‘under saddle’.  Then, the second day morning starts in hand then after lunch we hit the trail to practice what we learned.

All The Boogy Boo Horse Camping Event Details

Come join the fun or come to simply learn and observe. Boogy Boo Horse Camp takes place May 13 – 16, 2022 at Black Bear Equestrian Camp at Lopez Lake in Arroyo Grande.

How much? It’s quite reasonable! Horse camping is available for $25 per corral per night.  Non-campers are encouraged to come watch and learn. Day visitors are donation only. Let us know you are coming; your check will secure your spot.  Send payment to:  Karen Johandes, 1055 Via Chula Robles, Arroyo Grande, CA.  93420. Closing date is May 4, 2022, you can pay at the camp, just be sure Karen knows you are coming. All proceeds go to the upkeep and maintenance of the camp.

Lopez Lake campgrounds charges an animal fee of $3.50/ pet unless you have the annual animal pass ($35). There is also a $10.00/day parking fee within the camp unless you have the annual vehicle pass ($100).

Bring your own food. We usually all sit together and share.  Parking is available at the campground.  Bring a chair for sitting at the campground. Keep in mind, we cannot have campfires or open flame BBQs due to the fire danger, but we have alternatives so bring your S’more fixings.  There is also a surprise for all new attendees … better bring a change of clothes.

The Black Bear Riders built Black Bear Equestrian Camp and had in mind camps like this when building the camp.  A small group of women wanted to create a horse camp that is top-notch.  We’ve started from the ground up.  Literally, from water lines, faucets, corrals, BBQs, prep-tables, round pen and more.  This camp is maintained by volunteers and all monies made from these little events goes back into the campground.

Questions? Call Jeannie Keeffe 805.481.1665

Go Horse Camping! Explore the wonder and beauty of the SLO County trails from the best place on earth, the back of a horse. You and your friends and family plus horses can camp right next to the trails! To help you get packing, you can use this FREE Horse Camping packing checklist. We’ll continue to post horse camping stories on the SLO Horse News website. You can stay up-to-date by becoming a SLO Horse News herd member. Get your Horse Camping Checklist here >.

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