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Human and Horse Survival Plan for a Power Shutoff | SLOHorse News

Human and Horse Survival Plan for a Power Shutoff


In the event of a Public Safety Power Shutoff an entire community and neighboring communities will be impacted. Grocery stores will be closed. Gas stations will be closed. ATM machines will not work. Water supply and sewage treatment will be affected. Electric gates, refrigerators and other electric appliances will not work. Plan for these events not only affecting your community but neighboring ones as well. Do you have a human and horse survival plan for a power shutoff?

Reaching the Heart of the Exhibitor at the Paso Robles Horse Park


Paso Robles Horse Park, recently named the top equestrian venue in California and third show jumping venue in all of North America, purposes themselves to reach the heart of the exhibitor. Reaching the heart of the exhibitor means creating a fun and competitive environment for the top-level rider as well as the schooling show rider. Sharon Jantzen catches up with Amanda Diefenderfer, Park Director to discuss how Paso Robles Horse Park creates a family-friendly fun show atmosphere.