Happenings – Special Events

Cal Poly Polo Team Sums Up Their Season


Much anticipation led up to the culmination of the Cal Poly Polo Team’s 2019-2020 season as the hosts of the USPA Intercollegiate Western Regional Championship Polo Tournament. Sharon Jantzen catches up with a few of the players to get their stories.

Ride and Camp at Work Ranch for a Television Show


This is your chance to ride on the Work Ranch private family ranch while being filmed for a national television show. Anyone who enjoys camping with their horse and exploring new trails is welcome to come along. Sharon Jantzen connects with Kelly Work to bring you the details of this unique horse camping experience.

Painting a Cowboy’s Story to Life and Touching the Heart: Valeriy Kagounkin


“I talk with people through my painting. I tell a story,” says Valeriy Kagounkin, the featured artist for the 2020 Cattlemen’s Western Art Show and Sale. Come enjoy the heart-touching western scenes painted by Valeriy Kagounkin at the Cattlemen’s Western Art Show and Sale April 3-5, 2020 at the Paso Robles Event Center. Sharon Jantzen gets Valeriy’s story and the art show details.

Human and Horse Survival Plan for a Power Shutoff | SLOHorse News

Human and Horse Survival Plan for a Power Shutoff


In the event of a Public Safety Power Shutoff an entire community and neighboring communities will be impacted. Grocery stores will be closed. Gas stations will be closed. ATM machines will not work. Water supply and sewage treatment will be affected. Electric gates, refrigerators and other electric appliances will not work. Plan for these events not only affecting your community but neighboring ones as well. Do you have a human and horse survival plan for a power shutoff?