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When I Really Learned to Pick a Horse Hoof, Properly


Through this process and getting input from others I learned something new about how to pick UP a horse hoof so it can be picked out. It has to do with getting the horse to lift its foot in an easy manner. Looking back on my horse hoof picking experiences I realize there can be quite a struggle with getting the horse to pick up its hoof so you can properly pick the horse hoof. Sharon Jantzen shares her recent journey of discovering how to pick a horse hoof, properly.

Compassionate Large Animal Carcass Removal Service in SLO County | SLO Horse News

Compassionate Large Animal Carcass Removal Service in SLO County


“It’s part of the game,” says Errick. “A horse owner will someday face the end – whether a horse is young, old, injured or even sound.” Most horse owners have made their decision of where the large animal carcass should go, before Errick arrives. Here in SLO County large animal disposal options are limited to basically three: burial on property, cremation or landfill. Sharon Jantzen provides the details for this special local large animal carcass removal service.

Turning Horse Manure into Gold : Horse Manure Composting


Do you have a horse manure factory in your backyard? What do you do with all that horse poo? The best management practice is to turn that mountain of horse manure into a mound of beautiful mulch through horse manure composting. Sharon Jantzen helps us understand the benefits of horse manure composting.