Caring Custom Care for Your Horse at SLO Sage and Spur Ranch

The horses in Sarah’s care are simply smitten with her. At her boarding facility, SLO Sage and Spur Ranch, she offers caring custom care for your horse. Whether your horse is in its retirement years, or competing in a rigorous show schedule, Sarah can care for your horse’s particular needs. She specializes in custom care, diets and exercise plans to meet every need of each horse.

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Let’s meet a few of the horses in Sarah’s care at SLO Sage and Spur Ranch

Miss Rondee: Retired Reining Horse in need of Caring Custom Care

Miss Rondee and Sarah

This sweet mare, Miss Rondee a former reining horse, was cast away onto her current owner’s property. Without the proper set-up at her home to care for her horse, the owner turned to Sarah for full-service care.

This mare has severe laminitis and arthritis. In addition, she battled hoof abscesses when she first arrived. So, working together with the veterinarian and the horse shoer Sarah has a workable plan to keep Miss Rondee happy and healthy. To show her appreciation for feeling better, Miss Rondee kicks it up a little in her turnout time.

Meet Miss Rondee and find out how Sarah takes special care of her through the video below.

Isaac: Retired Dressage Horse Living His Earned Retirement with Ease

Isaac loves Sarah

Handsome Isaac, a Warmblood, spent many years dancing in the sand with his owner. Now in his 20’s, he became a resident of Sage and Spur ranch to spend his retirement years pampered and within close proximity to his doting owner. He arrived with a stable companion, who needed a specialized diet. Expertly accommodated by Sarah who specializes in caring custom care. Isaac is visited frequently by his appreciative owner who rests easy knowing he is receiving well-deserved care for all the years he performed with her.

Meet this happy horse, Isaac, and see how comfortable he is in his well-deserved retirement through the video below.

Kazi: Performance Horse Staying Fit and Happy While Competing

Kazi is another Sarah fan

Bold and proud Kazi, a Mecklenberg from Germany, is Sarah’s personal horse. Due to a full show schedule, he finds himself transitioning from life at a training barn while on the jumping circuit to life at a more relaxed pace at Sage and Spur Ranch. Kazi’s custom diet and daily exercise needs are met through the caring custom care at Sage and Spur Ranch. He focuses on relaxing and unwinding while staying fit between showing seasons.

Meet Kazi and learn about how Sarah helps him unwind and stay fit during his off-season through the video below.

SLO Sage and Spur Ranch Can Care for Your Horse

Looking for that special place where your horse is cared for and loved on just like you care and love? SLO Sage and Spur Ranch is the place for specialized care for every horse need. Come experience the relaxing atmosphere for both horse and owner. Sarah pays careful attention to every detail while providing the best care for the best outcome and comfort of your horse.

Does your retirement horse have special needs? Do you have a performance horse in of need care and exercise when you can’t be there? Does your horse have a customized diet? Caring custom care for your horse whether for comfort, performance maintenance, or retirement ease is available at SLO Sage and Spur Ranch.

Photo credit: Sharon Jantzen Photos

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