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The Horse Cure: Rescue Horses, Rescue People


Each story in the book, The Horse Cure, is carefully chosen to highlight the truly magical transformation Equine-Partnered Psychotherapy and Coaching sessions can ignite in broken people. Each horse has come to Unbridled Change from a rescue situation. Perhaps this makes them more suitable for their job. These stories are true, and reflect miraculous change where rescue horses, rescue people. Sharon Jantzen provides a review of The Horse Cure – Remarkable horses bringing miraculous change to humankind.

Keeping the Memories Alive: Memorialize your Pet or Horse


To memorialize is to preserve the memories you have for someone special in your life. For many people that could be a family member or friend but in today’s world many times it’s our best furry friend (BFF). So what are some ways to best remember and celebrate your pet’s life? How would you memorialize your pet or horse when that time comes? Christine Johnson of Eden Memorial Pet Care shares her thoughts on memorializing you special pet or horse.