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The Perfect Horse

The Perfect Horse : A Book Review

The Perfect Horse. Letts writes with such clarity of detail that you, as the reader, can sense the danger, cry for the senseless loss, have your heart stop with in-the-moment decisions, and cheer for the victory; it’s almost as if you were standing or riding right alongside each of the book’s key players. I believe it would be impossible for any horse lover – or person for that matter – to read this book and not have a deep appreciation for the men and women who played a role in saving something so beautiful at a time of such deep ugliness.

Embrace Your “Horse Gene” – Life Lessons From the Equestrian Lifestyle

Sarah Williams realizes the life benefits from her horse experiences. “At this point in my life, I realize that as much as I was learning about how to care for my horses, ride, show, etc., I was also learning how to live simply by maintaining my relationship with these animals, both in struggling and overcoming. Owning horse has allowed me to be a better person – a stronger person – and has taught me that when you dream big, if you are willing to work hard, you can achieve and overcome just about anything that gets in your way.”

The Equestrian’s “Bucket List” – Challenge Accepted?

There is a certain importance of having a Bucket List, when it comes to being an equestrian, and each one of us is going to have something a little bit different. Psychology shows that when people have dreams and goals, it gives them a certain psychological sense of importance, and subsequently confidence when these goals are met. Sarah Williams puts forth the Equestrian’s Bucket List Challenge.