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The Equestrian’s “Bucket List” – Challenge Accepted?

There is a certain importance of having a Bucket List, when it comes to being an equestrian, and each one of us is going to have something a little bit different. Psychology shows that when people have dreams and goals, it gives them a certain psychological sense of importance, and subsequently confidence when these goals are met. Sarah Williams puts forth the Equestrian’s Bucket List Challenge.

What Is The Most Important Horsemanship Lesson ?

Horses are hard work; if I wasn’t cleaning those stalls, my trainer would have been doing it, or she would have been paying someone to do it. She was imparting knowledge unto me and allowing me to ride her seasoned show horse, so why shouldn’t I be responsible for some of the care and upkeep? Sarah Williams explains how important stall cleaning is for any rider.

Let’s Get Real – Horse Ownership is Tough

Horses are a “dream”, after all…something that “all little girls want”, and most adults think only belong to a class of people who wear top hats, eternally shined tall boots and stark white shirts, but we know the truth; horse ownership is just as hard as it is rewarding. Sarah Williams reveals the truth about horse ownership – It’s tough.