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Wild Cattle, Wilder Cowboys : Tales of the Chimineas Ranch | SLO Horse News

Wild Cattle, Wilder Cowboys : Tales From The Chimineas Ranch

As a young man Mike got to cowboy with a group of exceptional men who he describes as, “Educated, sophisticated, hard-working, cowboys whose dry wit demonstrated a love for the cowboy lifestyle.” Pat Russell, an imposing, observant cow boss with a huge presence was the catalyst behind this unique group of cowboys. Sharon Jantzen talks with local author Mike Knecht about his cowboy days in “Tales from the Chimineas Ranch”.

Cece Campbell – Living the Dream | SLO Horse News

Cece Campbell – Living the Dream

Her parents were really hoping that the horse crazy little girl would grow out of her desire to have horses, but she never did. CeCe Campbell, the current PCQHA President, has been following her dreams throughout life. Charlotte Gorton joins up with CeCe and gets her full story.

Protect and Nurture the Most Beautiful Horse Tail | SLO Horse News

Business is Blooming : Blooming Tails Tail Bags

“I have tried all the tail bag options out there. Either the material was wrong, or the design was wrong, or a combo of both, so I tried to improve these designs. Eventually I decided to create my own design,” says Andrea creator of Blooming Tails Tail Bags. Sharon Jantzen discovers the local talent behind this blooming business.

Finding Beauty in the Cremains – Jennifer Camsuzou | SLO Horse News

Finding Beauty in the Cremains – Jennifer Camsuzou

Although her job requires her to face loss every day, Jennifer has found much beauty to appreciate along the way. “We get to be around people who truly care about their animals. They are good, quality people,” expressed Jennifer Camsuzou, who added, “I connect easily with our clients because they care.” Sharon Jantzen shares Jennifer’s story of her work as Eden Memorial’s Cremation Assistant.

Arabian Horse Saves Mary Beth’s Life

Recently, I met a woman who had a beautiful story to share about her own love of the Arabian horse, and why she believes that her Purebred Arabian gelding actually saved her life…in more ways than one. Sarah Williams shares the beautiful story of a life “saved” by a special Arabian horse.