Have a Heyday Horse Camping at Hazard Horse Camps

You can have a heyday horse camping at Hazard Horse Camps in Montaña de Oro State Park. Enjoy the horse trails exploring the mountains to the east. Take the trails leading down to the beaches to the west. Explore even more trails wandering through Eucalyptus groves. Take in the cooling coastal breezes making the climate perfect for riding. All trails going out from Hazard Horse Camps provide samples of the stunning scenery savored in San Luis Obispo County.

Looking for places to go horse camping in San Luis Obispo? Get the complete list and descriptions with the SLO County Horse Camping Guide.

Hazard Horse Camps encompasses six different sized horse camps all in the same vicinity.

Four smaller camps: Lupine, Sage, and Manzanita horse camps all house four horses and eight people. Five horses maximum are allowed in Chamise horse camp, and eight people.

Two large group camps: Sixteen horses maximum can be housed at Oak group horse camp. Eighteen horses maximum are allowed in the Madrone group horse camp. These large camps can host 50 people each.

Vehicle Limits: Four vehicles maximum per smaller horse camp. Twenty vehicles maximum per group horse camp. Trailers count as a vehicle.

Amenities at Hazard Horse Camps

These camps have the basics: Basic restrooms with no flush toilets. Water is non-potable so drinking water for humans must be brought in. Picnic tables and fire rings are available. Pipe corrals house the horses with no water containers. Water is provided through spigots (non-potable is not for human consumption).

Pack out all trash and horse corrals must be cleaned out upon checkout.

Horses are to be tied to available tie rails. DO NOT tie to the pipe corrals.

Reservation Information

Reservations are required for the group camps and can be made online. The horse camps are $50/night and the large group camp sites are $150.00/night. If you don’t have a reservation and the smaller camps are available you can self-register and pay at the site. You must have at least one horse to use the horse camp.

Reservation Details

CHECK-IN is 2:00 pm and Check out is 12:00 noon. This must be followed strictly for ease of negotiation of the narrow one way hill entrance into and out of the horse camp area. If you must leave or arrive outside of these times you should send someone up or down the hill to clear the path.

PARK FEES are due and payable upon entry into the park. If you do not have a reservation, use the self-registration system. Fees include the campsite and up to the maximum number of vehicles allowed.

DOGS must be kept on a six-foot-maximum leash and may not be left unattended at any time. They are allowed only on paved roads or in your campsite. Dogs are not permitted on fire roads or trails (except for service dogs). All dogs must be confined to a vehicle or tent at night. Please clean up after your pets.

Horse Trails and Activities

There are numerous trails leading out from Hazard Horse Camps. One can choose to explore the rugged hills, enjoy the secluded sandy beaches or meander through the Eucalyptus groves and wander over streams and through canyons. Valencia peak is the highest point at 1,347 feet.

Explore other areas of the park like Spooners Cove and Morro Dunes Trail.

There are no food services within the park so plan accordingly. The nearest market is in the town of Los Osos about 5 miles from Hazard Horse Camps. You will come through that town on your way in.

Prepare to dress in layers as the temperature can change throughout the day and evening. Poison Oak is prevalent throughout the park so be aware.

Take note: All the trails are multi-use so you very well could encounter a mountain biker or a hiker out on the same trail. The mountain bikers can sometimes be coming along at quite a clip. Be sure you talk to them so they are aware of your presence.

Getting There

Load up your horses and take the Los Osos Valley Road exit off the 101 in San Luis Obispo and travel west towards the ocean. Montaña de Oro State Park entrance is off Pecho Valley Road (LOVR tuns into Pecho Valley Road). The address for Hazard Horse Camps is 3550 Pecho Valley Road which is close to the entrance of Montana de Oro State Park. You will find the Hazard Horse Camps on the east side of Pecho Valley Road near the park entrance.

Note: There is one narrow road in and out of the horse camp. Rigs could get stuck facing one another with no way out but backwards. Therefore, it is very important to strictly honor the check in time of 2:00 pm and the check out time of 12:00 pm. If you find the need to leave at another time you should send someone from your party ahead to hold back traffic coming the opposite way.

Hazard Horse Camps are maintained by our local group Coast Mounted Assistance. They host a campout and poker ride fundraiser every Columbus Day Weekend at this location.

SLO County residents and out-of-towners enjoy horse camping at Hazard Horse Camps alike. The scenery never gets old and the trails to explore are so diverse one enjoys each and every adventure.

Photo Credit: Lynda Roeller Photography

Go Horse Camping! Explore the wonder and beauty of the SLO County trails from the best place on earth, the back of a horse. You and your friends and family plus horses can camp right next to the trails! To help you get packing, you can use this FREE Horse Camping packing checklist. We’ll continue to post horse camping stories on the SLO Horse News website. You can stay up-to-date by becoming a SLO Horse News herd member. Get your Horse Camping Checklist here >.

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