“Never Turn My Back on a Cow”

“Never Turn My Back on a Cow”

A poem about sorting at the V6 Ranch by Charlene O’Neil


Okay, this is a new one for me,

But what a hoot as I spin and go “Weee” –

There goes that cow, escaping from me!


It’s a Charolais with a tremendous IQ,

And my pony’s going to sort her –

Even if it takes an hour or two.


I turn my back, and there she goes

A lesson learned quickly –

Always stay on your toes.


This Charolais is a challenge

But we’re up for it, my pony and me,

As we cut her off, mirror, never lose sight –

Yep, we got her this time!


What fun I’m having, a new adventure,

Gotta be quick, but steady –

Never turn my back on a cow.


  • Poem by Charlene O’Neil who is a frequent visitor to SLO County (grandkids!). She is a Realtor in Palos Verdes specializing in equestrian properties.


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  • Avatar
    Reply November 1, 2015

    Julia Crookston

    V6 owes you a little commission! I had been considering a V6 ride for my annual horse adventure but was hesitating …BOOM! after I read this, and the related articles I went on line and signed up for the AHA Region 2 Camp ride. It sold me on what I’m sure will be an adventure in the best sense of the word! Anyone else from Santa Barbara Santa Ynez going?
    Thanks for helping me get off the fence…..

    • slohorse
      Reply November 1, 2015


      Have a great time Julia and say “Howdy” to Barbara and John for us!

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