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Perfecting the Flying Lead Change Clinic

The flying lead change is as beautiful as it is natural for the horse.  In the wild, the horse changes directions and he changes leads in one almost fluid motion.  With a rider on his back, however, things get a little trickier – now he has to do it on cue and with our balance, aids and position.  The flying change is mandatory in several equestrian disciplines, and it is also a useful tool to add to your repertoire.  How can you teach your horse to easily and happily perform this maneuver, or even to improve upon the flying lead change that your horse already knows?

  • How do you prepare your horse for learning the flying lead change?
  • What do you need to learn to execute the flying lead change?
  • How can you build your horse’s canter for the best flying lead changes?

Answers to these questions and more will be covered in a clinic focused on canter development and flying lead changes. Manuel Trigo from Spain will be here in the Arroyo Grande area to teach flying changes October 14-15, 2017. Manuel trained in the Classical French Equitation of Lightness. His quest for lightness has become his passion, and it is his daily task as he works with his horses.

Flying Lead Change Clinic with Manuel Trigo of Spain

Clinic organizer, Anita Parra, is bringing Manuel here to help others progress as she progresses, “What I am looking forward to is a great foundation for flying changes.”

Perfecting the Flying Lead Change Clinic | SLO Horse NewsHow Can You Get in on the Fun?


You can join the Flying Lead Change clinic at Anita Parra’s beautiful facility, located at 8102 Oyster Rock Place in Arroyo Grande the weekend of October 14-15, 2017. Rider spots are $425 before the closing date of September 20 and $460 late entry.


You can also participate as an auditor and there are two different levels: Active Auditors will participate in the seminar and 2 times during the day clinic as rider’s assistant. As an active auditor, you will help riders from the ground and develop an expert eye on the timing and optimization of the aids, use and touches of the whips and visually see the perfect balance for the horse. You will also discover the subtleties of introducing a horse to flying changes. Active Auditors will assist several riders during the clinic.

Active Auditor spots are $200 for the weekend before the closing date and $225 post entry.

Regular auditors are $50/day.

Please bring your own chairs, food and drink, since there are no nearby restaurants. Anita is located in Ranchita Estates approximately 30 minutes outside of Arroyo Grande, just past Lopez Lake. You can contact her for more information:  : 805-474-8112.

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