Purchasing Pismo Preserve: A Nature-Lover’s Paradise for Equestrians, Bikers and Hikers

“I can see for miles and miles” . . . That 1967 “oldies” song by The Who starts running through your head as you consider the opportunity of having public access to the area becoming known as, The Pismo Preserve. The stunning view of the entire sweeping bay that starts at Point Sal then continues along the Guadalupe dunes, past the Pismo dunes and into Avila Beach will be accessible by the public. The backside of this view overlooks Price Canyon and across to the hills on the other side of Edna Valley. Imagine riding up there at sunset and just pausing to watch the sun melt into the ocean and turn the sky into various shades of red, orange, blue and purple. . .


Purchasing Pismo Preserve Proposal

The proposal of turning the Pismo Preserve into a nature-lovers paradise includes a staging area large enough for equestrian use off Mattie Road in Shell Beach. Mattie Road is the home of F.McLintocks Saloon and Dining House. There is an area just off to the Southeast side of Mattie Road near the 101 freeway that will serve as the location of the staging area. The vision for use of these 900 acres of pristine California coastline is to develop further and use the existing trails for hikers, bikers and equestrians.

Pismo Preserve Mountain View

The Development

The development will be in the hands of the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo. The plan is for 10 miles of trails and the only permanent structure to be the staging area off Mattie Road. Currently the land is privately owned and cannot be trespassed without permission. Creating the Pismo Preserve will open this area up to public access.

Where is the Pismo Preserve

Just where exactly is Pismo Preserve located? Below is a map of the area that follows the housing development on the North side of Price Canyon Road and beyond, and continues along the East side of the 101 freeway behind the housing development at the foot of the hills above Shell Beach then back up and around the backside of those hills.

Pismo Preserve Map

There has been much media coverage and attention drawn to this project as August 1, 2014 is the deadline for raising $12,000,000 dollars to purchase 900 acres of land that serves as the backdrop to Pismo Beach. The majority of that funding has been requested from two state agencies with the rest coming in from private donations. Donations seem to be coming in nearly daily as the days grow fewer and fewer to gather these funds.

Pismo Preserve View From The Top

Catch the Latest News

To see the latest funding amounts check out the Land Conservancy’s update page: lcslo.org/pismo-preserve-update/ or their Friends of Pismo Preserve Facebook page: facebook.com/PismoPreserve. Together, we can make Pismo Preserve a reality.

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