Special Offer from Linda Tellington-Jones for New Book “Dressage with Mind, Body and Soul”

linda tellington

The latest book by renowned international equine expert Linda Tellington-Jones is a departure from any other book on the subject of dressage. “Dressage with Mind, Body and Soul” addresses concepts and beliefs that are rarely discussed within the horse world, and even more specific, within the realm of dressage.

And now Linda has crafted a special offer on the purchase of this book. “I’m delighted to sign each book that’s purchased through the website www.TTouch.com, and give a FREE ‘TTouch For Dressage Horses’  DVD with each purchase,” says Linda. The DVD features Linda Tellington-Jones working with Olympic gold medalists Klaus Balkenhol and Nicole Uphoff-Becker. The book is available for only $34.00 and the value of the DVD is $29.95!

“I’m also pleased to announce that my ‘Dressage with Mind, Body and Soul’ book is now available on Kindle format too,” smiles Linda. “Amazon sells it. I love having a copy on my iPad to carry to the stables and during all my travels.”

Linda, whose career includes hundreds of trophies and wins in dressage, endurance, three-day eventing, steeplechasing, hunter/jumpers and equitation, is truly a renaissance woman in the equine world. Her revolutionary body of work, Tellington TTouch® and the Tellington Training Method, has set her apart from every other clinician and trainer in the world, and her keen eye and sensitivity have brought her front and center in the horse industry. Linda doesn’t criticize; instead she offers options for training and the horse’s well-being that are effective, mindful and kind. That’s what this book is all about.

Today, dressage riders are faced with numerous challenges as they train, ride and compete. Many are short on time, high on ambition, and are urged by those who have met with great success as riders, trainers, judges and commentators, to numb themselves to the needs of the horse, to wall him off from the world by closing his stall door, to never turn him out, to crank tight his noseband, to avoid acknowledging the stress in his eyes as they ride.

Linda Tellington-Jones holds a passionate belief that when humans choose to constrain horses and force them, it is often out of necessity — lack of knowledge, experience and resources to choose other means of attaining a goal.

Linda travels throughout the world each year, teaching horsemen and women — some of them the top dressage riders — the fundamentals of her renowned TTouch and Tellington Training Method. She believes that most dressage riders and trainers mean well by their horses, and if given the right tools, they can be helped to find better ways to fulfill equestrian ambition while ensuring happy, healthy, willing partners.

“I knew this book could be very different from what is already available to dressage riders,” says Linda. “Over the years I have studied and read about both the scientific and spiritual aspects of our lives — the reasons we are who we are and why we do what we do find their roots in both science and spirituality.

Dressage is a wonderful example of how science and spirituality can come together. There are few sports as demanding of precision, practice and repetition, and as dependent on an understanding of horse and human biomechanics, as dressage. And yet without feel, without soul, without connection, dressage is just a series of meaningless movements. It takes both science and spirituality to produce true riding art.”

For more information about Tellington TTouch and the Tellington Training Method — and to order your signed copy of “Dressage with Mind, Body and Soul” and receive your FREE “TTouch for Dressage” DVD, visit www.TTouch.com or call 800.854.8326.


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