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Summer Reading List for Horse Lovers

The kids are out of school, the days are long, summer vacations are planned…and that means it’s time for a good summer reading list!  Whether you’re looking for a good read to pass the time while lounging by the pool or on a beach towel in the sand, or a great story to curl up with in the evening before bed, this list of both classic and new equine related books is sure to delight horse lovers of all ages.

Enrich your Mind and your Horse Passion

Summer Reading List for Horse Lovers | SLO Horse NewsOld Bones the Wonder Horse by Mildred Mastin 

Published in 1983, this book is a classic gem that many horse lovers have simply missed out on over the years.  The book details the true “rags to riches” story of an unlikely champion.  “Exterminator” was a homely horse with a big heart.  He didn’t have the pedigree of champion, wasn’t particularly pretty, and his nickname, “Old Bones”, certainly didn’t illicit images of a winner.  Still, he went on to run more than 100 races in his career and claimed a Kentucky Derby win.  While many of us know about “Secretariat” and “Man of War”, most people don’t know the real story behind one of the most amazing horses in racing history. “ Old Bones the Wonder Horse ” will tug on the heart strings of readers of all ages.

Summer Reading List for Horse Lovers | SLO Horse NewsFergus: A Horse to be Reckoned With  by Jean Abernathy

Whether 5 or 95, you can’t escape the smiles that come with the witty humor of “Fergus”, the cartoon horse with an international following.  The newest story in Fergus’ journey to fame is a comical and stylish look at “Natural Horsemanship”.  Techniques are depicted through a conversation between the famous cartoon horse and “The Lad”, a young boy who is determined to tame the wild beast.  The Lad manages to maintain his composure and amiable approach to his new equine friend despite Fergus’ balking, spooking, bucking and general doubt.

Fergus: A Horse to be Reckoned With ” boasts impressive illustrations and satirical prose that will keep you smiling through every page.

Summer Reading List for Horse Lovers | SLO Horse NewsOut of the Wild by Mark Rashid 

This new novel by famed horse trainer and horsemanship legend Mark Rashid is truly a stunning read, so much so that it is also now a major motion picture.  The book chronicles the story of cattle rancher Henry McBride, who is running from the guilt and pain of a disaster that nearly claims his life.  His path leads him to a run-down guest ranch where Jesse King poses a glimmer of hope in McBride’s dark world.  The addition of an injured mustang stallion opens the door for McBride to re-enter the world.

Out of the Wild ” is written with beautiful flow and style, and is not without those gems of horsemanship that Rashid is known for providing in his non-fiction work.  Definitely a book worth devouring this summer!

Summer Reading List for Horse Lovers | SLO Horse NewsUnrelenting by George H. Morris

“If there is one name in the American equestrian story that everyone knows, it’s George H. Morris…”

The real-life story of one of America’s most well-known and respected equestrians is brought to life with artful prose in this critically acclaimed book.  Morris has represented our country in International competition, earned countless titles, brought numerous young horses to the pinnacle of their success and trained some of the most talented horsemen and horsewomen in the industry.  His success in the saddle has spanned 70 years, but there is far more to this man than just his equestrian knowledge.

“Unrelenting” by George Morris is a deep look into all of the many facets of being an equestrian.

Summer Reading List for Horse Lovers | SLO Horse NewsChosen by a Horse by Susan Richards

Most of us can relate to the idea of being “saved by a horse”.  In this poignant novel, Susan Richards tells the story of the rescue of “Lay Me Down”.  This discarded racehorse with a foal at her side is severely malnourished, fighting multiple infections and wounds, and bears the scars of a life that has been more than rough.  Despite her condition, the mare has a gentle nature that allows her to be the catalyst of healing in the life of someone who desperately needs it.

A book that is both beautifully written and tenderly crafted, “Chosen by a Horse” is one of those books that you’ll keep on your nightstand long after you’ve read the last page.

Get going on your summer reading to enrich your mind and your horse passion. Just so you know, clicking on the links takes you right to the books sold thorough Amazon. We get a little kickback when items are purchased through these links, yet your price stays the same. It’s a win-win situation. Thanks for your support!

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