Scorched Earth and Smoky Skies Give Rise to a Horse Community Banding Together


Scorched earth and smoky skies gave rise to a horse community that banded together to help in many ways. Many in our horse community did not stand and watch the fires burn. Instead, they stuck out a helping hand or offered assistance. Sharon Jantzen summarizes the variety of ways our local horse community lent a helping hand to our fire ravaged neighbors.

Where There is HEET There is Fire – Do You Have an Emergency Plan?


We have been ushered into fire season here on the Central Coast, and everyone is aware of the extremely dry conditions. Currently we are experiencing warm dry weather which increases the chance of wild fires, as shown by the many fires blazing across the west right now. So the question is not IF but WHEN a wild fire breaks out where you live or board your animals; will you be prepared? Sharon Jantzen asked H.E.E.T. of San Luis Obispo county for information on how to prepare for a fire.