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The days are getting shorter and the evenings cooler. Rain is in the forecast. So that gets us thinking about winter riding apparel for Equestrians. Let’s check out what is available and what works for keeping dry, warm and active while pursuing our riding activities and getting our barn chores done.

Central Coast winter weather means wet (yay!), and cold – even freezing – temperatures. How can the Equestrian who spends time outside in the winter months stay active and warm?

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Let’s First Consider a Waterproof Coat

A raincoat will keep you dry and active in the saddle and around the barn.

For a stylish option check out the Irideion Felicity Insulated Parka as it’s completely waterproof and comes with a hood. This parka like style is designed with the equestrian in mind. A built-in insulated vest keeps your core warm, even if the parka is unzipped. Complete with drop tail and split button back to cover you and your tack. This is the ultimate jacket for winter riding. It will keep you warm, dry and comfortable in the saddle all-day long.

Cinch Women’s Barn Coat

The Cinch Women’s Color Blocked Barn Coat has got you covered for early morning barn chores! This jacket features a longer length, a hood, side snaps and front pockets with a western blanket striped lining to help keep you toasty warm. The polyester material is durable for daily wear, and the adjustable snap cuffs give you the perfect fit.

A super practical and inexpensive option that can be tucked away in the trailer or barn tack room is The Saddle Slicker. It comes with a removable hood for use with or without your hat or helmet.

Saddle Slicker with removable hood
Muddy Creek Duster

A duster is a long – down past your knees – waterproof riding coat that splits in the front and back so it can drape down to cover your legs while in the saddle. Those who must ride in wet, cold weather will appreciate the full coverage of a duster. Riders living inland (ie: Parkfield, Creston) know that it can get freezing-cold and may find an Muddy creek duster useful for the cold winter mornings and nights.

Need a Warm Coat for Early Morning Winter Activities?

For extreme convenience and versatility, the Ariat Women’s Ideal 3.0 Packable Down Jacket is an essential piece when it comes to keeping warm during your travels, wherever they may be! With the inclusion of a stuff sack for easy stowing, this jacket is ideal for unpredictable weather and is extremely portable, whether riding along the trail in changing weather or traveling around the world or simply feeding horses on a frosty early morning.

How to Deal with Variations Central Coast Winter Temperatures: Dress in Layers

A day at the barn or out riding on the Central Coast might start out really cold then warm up to be quite comfortable then get back to really cold again. The secret here is to dress in layers with a vest being one of those layers as it keeps your core warm but does not constrict the movement of the arms.

Horze Women’s Classic Quilted Riding Vest

For a simpler look, the Horze Classic Quilted Riding Vest is your go-to. This stylish and casual riding vest features a quilted outer shell with a diamond-shaped pattern. Snap buttons complete the adjustable waist and back to create a flattering, tailored look. A double zippered front and two front pockets make this piece incredibly functional. Breathable, water repellent and windproof, this vest is ideal for any season- in or out of the saddle!

Protect the Legs While in the Saddle

Central Coast Winter Riding - Apparel | SLO Horse News
Ariat Breeze Half Chaps

Half Chaps will protect your lower legs while in the saddle. Ariat Breeze Half Chaps are extremely high-quality extra soft leather; they feel like butter! They feature an elastic panel for a custom contoured feel. The best part? They are washable!! They also feature a breathable moisture wicking lining for comfort through all seasons here on the central coast.

Get Out and Ride!

We live in a beautiful place with “mild” winter weather that allows us to pursue our riding activities all year round. So get out there and ride this winter with the best winter riding clothing options available. Check out accessory options to top off your winter equestrian wardrobe.

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