Experience the Golegã National Horse Fair

Transport yourself to another time, another place. A place not void of horses, but absolutely filled with our equine friends, tack, food, and Portuguese riders.  Travel with me to Portugal and experience the Golegã National Horse Fair.  This is the biggest celebration of the Lusitano horse in the world. Enjoy new sites and sounds through these video clips and still photos.

Golegã National Horse Fair

Get up-close and personal with the horses at the Golegã National Horse Fair.

Enjoy shopping for all things horsey in the many tack shops, leathers workers (belts, hat, boots and jackets), jewelry makers, artisan crafters and so much more.

WOW! Dazzle your eyes and appreciate Equestrian showmanship and beauty with evening entertainment.

Appreciate horsemanship from a Portuguese vantage point with a Working Equitation exhibition.

People of the Golegã National Horse Fair

For ten solid days celebrating, riding and showing takes place round-the-clock. The Fair brings out the young and old, driving and riding, men and women, girls and boys, horses and ponies – even the occasional donkey. All taking part in celebrating the horse and proudly donning traditional Portuguese riding attire.

Portuguese Food, Oh So Yummy

Proximity to the ocean influences the options in this region (West/South Coast) of Portugal. Sea creatures (check out the octopus!) and “black” pig are common menu items. The pigs eat the acorns from the cork oak trees which results is a deeper meat color and flavor. Wine – white to start and red with the meal – is an essential part of every meal, both at lunch and dinner. Dessert is just as fine as the rest of the meal.

Horses in Portugal

Oh the horses . . . at the fair, on the farms, everywhere there are beautiful horses in lovely settings.

Photo and video credit – except for two of the videos as noted: Sharon Jantzen

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