What Makes Us Truly Thankful?

Each and every day, we all have things to be thankful for, but when November rolls around we are reminded to take stock of the things that really and truly matter.  Here at SLO Horse News, we are first and foremost thankful for all of our faithful “herd members” who have stuck with us and enjoyed and shared our articles that tell the stories of our beautiful and vibrant Central Coast horse scene.  Personally, the SLO Horse New Team would like to share with you, on this special day, the things that make us most thankful.

Sharon (1024x768)Sharon Jantzen Appreciates Her Life Pillars

Thanksgiving has taken on many forms throughout the years spent with family and friends.  As a budding eventer, while living independently in college, Thanksgiving meant “Ram Tap”!  The three day horse trials were held in the little-known town of Herndon, near Fresno.  Dressage Day always began after Thanksgiving Day.  We would gather with friends at local restaurants and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together, then compete against each other for the next three days – this was camaraderie at its finest.  I am thankful, today, for those experiences and memories.

Today, Thanksgiving brings more memories and experiences, all shaped by these important life pillars:

  • FAITH – My anchor, strength in trouble, joy in bounty. Faith brings hope for the future.
  • FAMILY – Love, support, nurturing, sacrifice, faithfulness, children blossoming and a place to call home – this is family.
  • FRIENDS – Present in good times and bad, supporting one another, cheering, challenging and steadfastly holding true to our relationships.
  • FAITHFUL SLO Horse News READERS – You keep us going, growing and searching.  You are the reason that we do what we do… giving us your stories to tell while we bring you the news of your community.
  • FABULOUS EDITOR – Thank you, Sarah, for your commitment to our purpose, for pulling up and securing loose threads and for providing your wisdom.
  • FURRY FRIENDS – You enrich our lives and give us reasons to write stories.

Sarah 1 (1280x850)Sarah Williams Appreciates Lessons Learned and Those Who Walk Beside Her

It seems as though each year that passes, I am able to look back and pull out defining moments that have either taught or provided me with something – most years I have to do a little searching to make the connections, but this year has been particularly poignant in terms of love, loss and learning.  This year, despite its many trials and tribulations, I am absolutely thankful for the journey, the relationships I have forged, the people who have touched my life, and the memories of those who are no longer with us.

To be thankful is to understand that life is not always “a walk in the park”.  Every important journey has its twists, turns, highs and lows, and all of these things put together are what make reaching the end truly spectacular.  I am thankful for my parents; the most steadfast, true and loyal people in my world, who have allowed me to see the good through the bad and the light at the end of any dark tunnel.  I am thankful for the rest of my family, and though I desperately miss those who are no longer with us, each of them has touched me in such a way as to brand my heart for eternity.  I am thankful for friends and companions who have stood by me at my worst and offered me a hand when I needed it the most.  I am thankful for my furry friends – those still with me and those who have crossed the rainbow bridge – because the joy that they have brought into my life is worth more than words can express.

Finally, I am thankful for life.  In a world where nothing is certain and flames can burn out without warning, each day that I wake up and breathe the morning air is a brilliant miracle.  Love, kindness, compassion, honor and trust are more than words to me, they are a way of life, and I am thankful that with each passing year I learn a little more about how to be the person who I want to be.

Thank you, Sharon, for inviting me to ride along on this journey that is the SLO Horse News; your positive energy is contagious, and thank you to all of our readers – you give this ride a purpose.

It is my wish that on this Thanksgiving Day, we can all bow our heads, look across a table at the people who we love the most, and truly appreciate the simple things that are too easily taken for granted.


Cover Photo: Sharon Jantzen – “Buddies”







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