Finding Beauty in the Cremains – Jennifer Camsuzou | SLO Horse News

Finding Beauty in the Cremains – Jennifer Camsuzou

Although her job requires her to face loss every day, Jennifer has found much beauty to appreciate along the way. “We get to be around people who truly care about their animals. They are good, quality people,” expressed Jennifer Camsuzou, Eden Memorial’s Cremation Assistant, who added, “I connect easily with our clients because they care.”

Life with Horses

Finding Beauty in the Cremains – Jennifer Camsuzou | SLO Horse NewsJennifer comes to Eden Memorial Pet Care with years of ranching and horse experience. She lived on her Grandfather’s ranch up to 1st grade where she was introduced to ranch horses. Even after they moved, her mother made sure horses were always a part of their life. “I started with a pony then rode a Quarter horse, then Arabs then Mules. We rode whatever we could get. My mom made sure we were never without a horse, and she made sure I followed in her horse foot steps.”

“My riding experience started out as ‘hillbilly riding’ then I got lessons and started showing in local shows,” Jennifer explained. This humble beginning eventually took her from local shows on Arabs and Quarter Horses to showing and breeding Mules with her mother. “We showed in LA and went to Bishop Mule Days where the mules did it all: halter, basic classes, western pleasure, trail, hunter pleasure and showmanship.” All the while Jennifer gained valuable experience and treasured memories.

Finding Beauty in the Cremains – Jennifer Camsuzou | SLO Horse News

4-H and Beyond

4-H provided Jennifer with opportunities to experience other animals, where she raised replacement heifers and hogs. All of this experience brings her to her current role as the Cremation Assistant for Eden Memorial Pet Care.

She came across the job opportunity and said to herself, “I’ve been around this stuff. I can do it.”  So, she applied and got the position.  Since then, Jennifer has discovered a lot about herself.

“It’s not a pretty job, but one that needs to be done. We are respectful of the animal throughout the whole process, just like on the ranch and with my 4-H project animals.”

Here again, Jennifer finds what is beautiful in the process.

Jennifer Handles the Animals and their Cremains at Eden

“I help unload the animals and put them in the correct spot,” Jennifer began, as she described her job tasks. “We pull and place them one at a time. We double check to be sure we get the right animal cremains back to the owner.” This task is highly valued by the staff at Eden Memorial Pet Care.  Throughout the process, there is always a sense of compassion and love for the animal, because this is a job that requires a heart.

Lately her role has been leading her towards more one-on-one interactions with clients, and Jennifer is enjoying the experience. “You have to be understanding in a strong and supportive way. We’ve all been through losing an animal. It’s hard to watch our clients cry.”

The Perfect Fit at Eden Memorial Pet Care

Appreciating people who truly care about animals makes Jennifer Camsuzou a perfect fit for her role at Eden Memorial Pet Care. “I get to be around good people all day!” This perspective truly helps Jennifer see beauty in the cremains.

When that sad time comes for you and your animal friends, as it does for us all, you can feel comfort in knowing that Jennifer, and the rest of the Eden staff, truly understand your grief and have nothing more than your comfort on their minds.  They treat each animal that comes through the facility as though it was their own – with care, compassion and gentleness.  Death is a part of life, and finding beauty in the cremains is one of the things that sets Eden Memorial Pet Care apart from the rest.

Photos: Jennifer Camsuzou

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