Eden Memorial Pet Care

Eden Memorial Pet Care Expansion : Exciting Plans Are Being Realized


I was onsite Eden Memorial Pet Care for a personal tour of the facility expansion progress from Christine Johnson, President. She was proudly showing me the new buildings and sharing the vision behind each freshly-built part. Construction is still underway but the bulk of the expansion can be seen. Sharon Jantzen catches the expansion vision through a personal tour.

Personal, Private and Peaceful Cremation Options Coming to Eden Memorial Pet Care


“We’ve pretty much been a back-door service where deceased pets are picked up from local veterinary hospitals and we return the cremains back to the hospitals,” describes Christine. The expansion is enlarging the main building to provide for a private room where pet owners can grieve and a receiving room to showcase products such as urns and clay paw/hoof prints. Christine Johnson sits down with Sharon Jantzen and shares the vision behind the Eden Memorial expansion.