Fun and Function of the Horse Halter

The horse halter is probably the most basic of horse equipment and yet halters come in a variety of types, colors and configurations. So why all the options? Some horse halters are great for teaching leading and manners and some for traveling yet all are used for tying a horse up so we can groom, handle and tack up the horse.

Let’s take a look at the many horse halter options to see which one will suit your needs best. Brie at Riding Warehouse helps us get to know the various kinds of halters. Horse halters can be both fun and functional.

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Horse Halter : Fun and Functional

Rope Horse Halters:

RJ Manufacturing Rope Halter

Rope horse halters are great for training young horses as they put pressure where the knots are tied. This style is good for pushy horses, again because of the pressure points. The flexibility and size also makes it easier to fit under a bridle when riding and super easy to stow in saddlebag.

Cashel braided-nose rope halter

RJ Manufacturing Rope Halter is a best-selling rope halter as it is SUPER supple and not stiff at all. The rope doesn’t fade or dry out like other rope halters. It’s also super easy to stuff in a saddlebag as it’s so pliable. Choose from 12 fun colors.

Cashel braided-nose rope halter constructed of a high-quality, soft braided nylon to keep your steed comfortable. This halter-lead combo is weather resistant and sturdy, so you can have greater control..

Grab this everyday halter, the Professionals Choice Easy On Rope Halter. It has a hook closure for easy off and on and the lead rope is attached.

Tough 1 Mule Tape halters do not offer added pressure but are technically made of rope. They are super smooth to the touch and are popular among western riders. These are good for well-trained horses.

Nylon Horse Halters:

The standard nylon halter– can be seen in almost every barn. This one is not adjustable but it does come in an adjustable version. Great for a well trained horse. Choose from six standard colors.

Padded Horse Halters:

The Centaur Fleece Cushion Nylon Breakaway Halter is for sensitive horses (helps prevent rubbing), traveling and for use in a cross tie. This one is also breakaway, which makes it the perfect traveling halter or in a cross tie. In case of extreme pressure the halter will breakaway so your horse won’t get hooked up by the halter. Choose from contrasting colors or monochromatic.

Combination Horse Halters:

For the best of both worlds, two materials – nylon and leather – are used. The Ovation Luxor Cushion-Flex Ergonomic Adjustable halter features generous padding at the crown, nose, cheeks, and throat which makes it perfect for those sensitive equines. Brass fittings provide an elegant appeal. Adjustable areas at the nose and crown as well as a clip at the throat makes it oh-so-easy to use.

Leather Horse Halters:

Economical Leather halter– if you’re looking for a leather halter than won’t break the bank Henri De Rivel Advantage Leather Halter is the one. It’s adjustable and comes with solid brass hardware that won’t rust over time.

Anatomic Leather Halter– Ergonomic tack is making huge waves in the equine industry. Who doesn’t want their horse to be more comfortable and relaxed? LeMieux Anatomic Padded Leather Halter’s anatomic details reduce pressure on the sensitive areas of the ears and poll ensuring your horse will feel just as good as he/she looks.

Leadropes go hand-in-hand with halters. What are the different types of lead ropes and how are they used? Find out in our story: Simply a horse lead rope?

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