Is Buying Tack Online Just Fine or Quite Terrifying?

“I buy almost everything online now,” says Jenna Michaud-Bonyadi, a SLO Horse News reader, when asked about buying tack online. “I was already pretty comfortable with online shopping before the pandemic but I go online for purchases even more now.” She continues with, “I do love tack shops but there aren’t any near me anyway.” Jenna’s sentiment is probably quite reflective of most equestrians. However, no matter what the purchase, we’ve probably all been shopping online more in the past year than ever before.

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Purchasing without the Smell, Feel and Touch

The ring of the bells indicate you have just entered the front door. Greeting you immediately is the smell of leather along with a kind “welcome” from the cashier. Your eyes scan the store.

Western shirts and jeans along with English coats and breeches hang on circle racks throughout the store. Cowboy hats line the sides while boots, bridles and saddles all have their corners. Helmets, grooming tools, medication and dewormers are stocked on isles. Books and a variety of accessories trim the perimeter. Jewelry and buckles sparkle under lights near the cash register. You feel at home in a tack store and feed store. Here in the store, you can smell, feel and touch the goods. You find people here who understand your passion and help you make the best choice for your needs and your horses’ needs.

Online shopping does not provide any of the above experience. Yet, a myriad of products, styles, prices and quality of tack, horse equipment, supplements and medical supplies and more are at your fingertips.

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Convenience of Online Shopping Buying Tack Online vs In Person Sales Assistance

“I don’t think I have purchased tack at a brick & mortar store for many years now. There is so much more selection and price comparisons online. Exchanges or refunds are easy online–much easier than going back to a store,” replied another SLO Horse News reader, Judy Osburn.

Many experienced equestrians know exactly what they are looking for and find shopping online for horse equipment just fine. However, those just getting into the world of bridles, saddles, English vs Western, grooming tools, medical supplies and clothing and more may find buying tack online intimidating.

“When I see, feel, touch, hear, smell items in person I tend to consider purchasing.  Even if item was not what I came to buy, or really need.  Generally, I do get away without spontaneous gratification,” explains Kathy Viera a SLO Horse News reader.

Make Buying Tack Online Less Terrifying

Yes, buying tack online is convenient and easy however there are some risks.  Any purchases made online should be done so with trust and knowledge. Last year my attention was grabbed by a social media ad selling riding breeches at a good price. I jumped at the chance and ordered a pair.

Several weeks later I had not received the shipment. So, I looked into the issue. Yikes! It looked like I had been scammed. Long story short, after contacting PayPal and submitting a complaint with the business, my breeches eventually arrived at my doorstep. I got what I paid for with very low quality breeches and a lesson learned. I really do know better . . .

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Secure Your Online Purchases

There are a few things to consider regarding safeguarding your information and testing the validity of the business before clicking the purchase button.

Here are some precautions to take:

  1. If the deal seems to be too good to be true, it probably is just that.
  2. Verify the business.
    1. Go to their social media sites.           
    2. Call the company.
    3. Look for online reviews.
  3. Don’t click on deal ad links in social media. Go directly to the website to see if the deal is legitimate. Scammers can easily pose as another retailer.
  4. Only make purchases on secure sites. https:// or a lock icon MUST be at the beginning of the URL which shows up in your top menu bar.
  5. Only fill out required fields for checkout.
  6. Consider the password safety risks when saving site passwords through your browser.
  7. Don’t make purchases when using a public wi-fi like at coffee shops or airports.

Need Personal Service? Go to the Tack or Feed Store

Nothing beats personal service like walking into a tack or feed store and getting your questions answered and seeing the equipment for yourself. We have several shops in our local area who are here to serve you.

Visit your San Luis Obispo County tack and feed store:

North County

Premier Ag
1041 Paso Robles St.
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Atascadero Hay and Feed
6155 Via Avenue
Atascadero, CA 93422

San Luis Obispo

Riding Warehouse
181 Suburban Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

County Wide

Farm Supply

Paso Robles

San Luis Obispo

Arroyo Grande

Santa Maria


Consignment Stores

Tack up Consignment

Behind the Barn Consignment
4785 Traffic Way Unit E
Atascadero, CA 93422

Hey, just so you know, clicking the above banners and links will take you to the store websites. We do get a little kick-back from items purchased through the banners and some of the links.

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