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Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News

Cleaning stalls, manure pick up, mucking all define the one task all horsemen are faced with – the poop scoop boogie. “Poop scooping is no time to dance!” you may say. Yet what if you tuned that constant task into a boogie?  . . . or at least turn it from a never-ending task to a quick and easy task.

The Poop Scoop Boogie

Wait, What? How? Just put your imagination to work for a minute. What song could you play to help motivate you to get into the groove of picking up piles of horse poop? Stick that song on a mobile player device and play it while you are mucking stalls. Now that you have that song in your head, consider raking to the beat with pauses in between raking to move your feet and dance a jig.

Swing your manure rake around like it’s your dancing partner then reach down and scoop up that freshly raked poop pile. Now dump it in your manure cart and move on to the next area where the poop piles accumulate. There, you are doing the poop scoop boogie! Read more on how poop scooping can be therapeutic.

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to dance while scooping poop, but how can you make the task easier and even fun?

No More Manure Forks Missing Tines

How many times have you had to re-rake up poop because several manure balls fell through the gaps in your manure fork? Your poop scooping tool will make all the difference between a quick and easy task and a never-ending task.

You can now be guaranteed of using a fork with all the tines in line with the Versza fork, a build-your-own tool where you buy it in three parts:

Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News First you get the handle. Ergonomically designed and constructed of aircraft-grade lightweight aluminum the Versza Fork handle can be separated into two pieces for easy storage.

Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News Next you choose the rail set. This part attaches to the handle and holds the tines. Uniquely contoured to encase the inner tines this fork-head is ergonomically designed for comfort.

Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News Now fill in the tines: You’ll need two sets and you get to choose the colors. Fun! The unique wave shape easily gathers manure. The depression actually holds the manure until you dump it in the bucket. These tines come with a “LifeTINE” guarantee.

All-in-One Versatile and Durable Manure Fork Option

Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News Got kids and adults scooping poop? The Vfork handle adjusts to different-sized people. It is also lightweight and strong making it easier on the shoulder. The tines are set closer together making it ideal for picking through shavings. It carries a 5-year warranty against breakage and you can literally run over it with a truck!

A Manure Fork for the Trailer

Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News Horse poop happens while you are out and about with your horse so keeping a manure fork in the trailer is essential. Tuck a little fork in your trailer’s tack compartment or dressing room and you’ll be ready to clean up those road apples anywhere you go. The Future Mini Manure Fork features a smaller size and light-weight yet durable build making it easy to work all-day long without getting tired arms. The handle on the end makes picking up manure easy and for grabbing out of the trailer.

Replace Your Heavy Wooden Handled Manure Fork

Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News Let’s face it, lugging piles of poop into the manure bucket works our arms and shoulders. Make it easier on yourself with a lightweight manure fork handle with a replaceable head. The Epic Animal Manure Fork comes in two parts: The handle and the head. The ergonomically designed handle makes the poop scoop chore a breeze. Choose from eight different head colors to add fun and flair to your poop scoop boogie. The head is replaceable so if a tine breaks you can easily replace it instead of throwing the whole rake out.

Make Moving Manure Easy

Yes, all that manure when raked and gathered and placed in a manure basket or wheelbarrow can be heavy. You can make lugging manure around easier with these manure moving options:

Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News The Little Giant Muck Cart is a simple and easy-to-use tool for moving manure and other things. Pair it with a muck bucket and you have a handy manure moving tool, especially when on the go or if you have just a few stalls to clean. This versatile tool can also be used to transport feed, tack and equipment to and from the trailer. Just have a few horses to feed? Set up the daily feed rations in a clean bucket to cart out to the horses.

Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News Need to move lots of manure or equipment? The Burlingham Sports Utility Cart Wheelbarrow can handle the big loads with ease. Its 80 gallon capacity is large enough to serve a whole barn of horses. Constructed from strong double wall polyethylene with two ergonomic molded-in handles allow for comfort and grip while performing farm tasks. Supported with two maintenance-free wheels with a 300-pound capacity each, this extremely durable cart will be a reliable asset around the barn!

Boots and Accessories for Mucking About

We all know how important it is to have the right footwear for mucking about. Our shoes need to be waterproof, strong enough to take a blow from a horse’s hoof and fun enough to make us want to change into them. Get your toes covered for the poop scoop boogie with these fun options:

Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News Slip into these Noble Outfitter’s Mud Muckers to keep your feet dry when stomping through mud or wet stalls. These muckers are ultra-breathable with moisture wicking properties and provide comfort with foam lined insoles. Men can get into fun in the mud with these Noble Outfitter’s mud muckers.

Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News Fun designs and durable muck boots make you look forward to doing the poop scoop boogie. Get yourself a pair of Joules boots to add fun and flair to your daily chores.

Tools for the Poop Scoop Boogie | SLO Horse News Don’t forget to protect the hands. A pair of gloves will keep your hands soft and supple while providing useful protection while doing the poop scoop boogie.

Find Yourself Doing the Poop Scoop Boogie

Perhaps poop scooping is not your favorite chore, but you can turn this never-ending task into a fun, quick and easy task. Get yourself some useful tools to bring fun and flair to your poop scooping duty. You may just find yourself doing the poop scoop boogie!

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