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Lefty’s Stable: One-Click Price Comparisons on Equestrian Apparel

Is there a place where one-click price comparisons on equestrian apparel are right at your fingertips? Yes, that’s what Lefty’s Stable does for you. The developers of Lefty’s Stable have cut your hunting on the internet time down with one-click price comparisons.

Getting Started with Lefty’s Stable

Watching his parents dive into the horse craze later in their lives, Lefty’s Stable began to see a need for providing one-click price comparisons on equestrian apparel. Here is the vision behind the website: “I have been developing websites for over 20 years now. For the past 4-5 years I have been working on building a price comparison engine that could be sold as a multi-tenant solution. It has been built in such a way that it could potentially be resold to anyone who is interested in building their own price comparison website. I envision this as being most effective in niche markets that may have some untapped potential. I thought equestrian riding apparel would be a great niche to explore.”

One-click Price Comparisons on Equestrian Apparel Saves You Time and Money

Lefty’s Stable: One-Click Price Comparisons on Equestrian Apparel  | SLO Horse News

Take a look at the offerings of an item of equestrian apparel you will see in one-click the price comparisons. This saves you hours of time hunting online for the best price. Look at the price differences. In some cases, you could be saving in the neighborhood of $100!

Starting with English Apparel and Boots then Branching Out

Presently, Lefty’s Stable offers horse riding apparel geared primarily towards English Riding disciplines. Right now, you can find riding boots (paddock and tall field boots) as well as a good selection or riding breeches, show coats and show shirts for both men and women. Lefty’s Stable will continue to build out the product selection, expanding the reach to include more equestrian clothing geared towards Western riding disciplines. Additionally, plans are in the works for including other products like tack and horse blankets.

Do Your Own One-click Price Comparison

Take Lefty’s Stable for a test ride. Hop on up in the saddle and click on a few products you or a friend could use. You’ll soon see what a smooth ride Lefty’s Stable provides. Come along and experience one-click price comparison shopping for equestrian apparel.

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