No Strangers to Agriculture - Poor Richard's Press | SLO Horse News

No Strangers to Agriculture – Poor Richard’s Press

Sand is kicked up towards the ring side banners as you gallop through a turn.  You peruse beautiful color photographs of the horses in the sale catalog.  You browse excitedly through the show program to see who is entered and who you will be competing against.  You wear a cap with your favorite horse product company logo expertly placed across the front.  You don a shirt with your school or trainer’s name across the chest.  You hang a pre-printed stall card in front of your horse’s stall with all that important identifying information.  What do all these things have in common? They are all things that can be printed at Poor Richard’s Press!

No Strangers to Agriculture - Poor Richard's Press | SLO Horse News

Poor Richard’s Press Values Hard Work

No strangers to Agriculture, the staff at Poor Richard’s Press value hard work, connection to the land and local business in general.  “People involved with horses, cattle, vineyards or produce are all very honorable people,” expressed Todd Ventura, owner of the local print company, Poor Richard’s Press.  “That’s the company we strive to be, very honorable.”

Several Ties to SLO County Agriculture

No Strangers to Agriculture - Poor Richard's Press | SLO Horse News

Todd, a SLO County native, and crew have several ties to Agriculture and the local horse scene. Todd, an auctioneer, attends a multitude of auction events each year. “When I do local events I enjoy seeing the community come together supporting one another and sharing resources,” Todd expressed. Marketing Coordinator Beth Hay is an equestrian enthusiast who understands horse owners. Print and Web Consultant Wendy Scribner is a local cowgirl print maker who can get your print needs taken care of with style and flair. Best of all . . . Poor Richard’s Press is local!

Experience, Technical Savvy and the Ability to Make it Right Before Printing

How many times have you held your breath after sending materials over the internet to a company far away?  How often have you ripped open a package with your newly printed business materials and found that there were issues or things didn’t look as you had hoped?  There’s no breath-holding needed with Poor Richard’s Press. They have the experience and technical savvy necessary to provide a quality product, will help you format the material, and provide a proof BEFORE printing. You’ll know exactly what your order – a banner, a stall card, apparel, a show program – will look like before you pay and get the final product. Plus, you won’t be biting your nails wondering if the order is going to arrive in time, because Poor Richard’s Press is located right here in your community.

No Strangers to Agriculture - Poor Richard's Press | SLO Horse News

While Poor Richard’s Press is definitely the place to go for your business needs – cards, brochures, calendars, signs, etc. – they are also a great place to go if you’re looking for something unique and fun for yourself or your friends.  How about printing up t-shirts for everyone at your barn or your horse show buddies?  What about some personalized swag showing off the fact that you won that coveted championship at your last horse show?  Poor Richard’s Press has you covered no matter if you’re a local professional or just someone who wants to get quality, personalized apparel or materials.

Not Only Get You, They Are You!

So, come on in, talk with people who not only get you, but ARE you! Poor Richard’s Press knows how to get your print needs done in the best way possible.

No Strangers to Agriculture - Poor Richard's Press | SLO Horse News

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Hay

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