Learn to Impact Your Horse Tension-Free at the Energy Awareness Clinic for Riders

Just think canter . . . your horse will canter . . . my coach said, and my horse did. Horses can be that sensitive. The coaching kept my horse calm in the canter depart. A rider’s energy awareness can impact a horse positively and negatively. I needed my energy to stay calm to impact my horse positively. Are you blocking your horse’s understanding through tension, lack of confidence, or fear?

Energy Awareness Clinic for Riders

Come discover how you can improve connection with your horse through Katja Elk’s Energy Awareness Clinic for Riders July 20-22, 2018 at Dream Ranch in Arroyo Grande. This clinic is tailored to help riders become more aware of their thoughts and energy states.

Riders will learn to:

  • manage their mental and physical reactivity,
  • improve their confidence,
  • fine-tune their aid system and
  • clarify the communication with their horses for an overall more enjoyable and successful riding experience.

Day 1 will start with introductions, a lecture and energy exercises to prepare the riders for their one-on-one riding sessions on Day 2 and Day 3. Riders of all backgrounds and levels, horses of all breeds, and auditors are welcome.

Who is Katja Elk?

Combining classical dressage with natural horsemanship, Katja Elk – a German Dressage trainer from Central California – offers training and instruction to a wide range of riders and horses of all backgrounds. She has gained experience from a myriad of international instructors and master teachers and riders. You can find more about her instructional connections on her Gentle Solutions website.

Additionally, Katja has become a life coach and uses horses as teachers for riders and non-riders alike. She considers her coaching work with horses as teachers and living metaphors a great privilege — especially when it comes to helping people (riders and non-riders) recognize and dissolve thought patterns that cause fear, resistance, tension and other emotional states that may get in the way of being at peace and performing at their best. You can find more information about Katja’s life coaching at her Windhorse coaching website.

What the Clinic Organizers say about Katja and this Clinic

Tricia Giz of Dream Ranch in Arroyo Grande is the co-host for this clinic. Tricia exuberantly expressed what she most appreciates about Katja: “Her trueness! Her un-compromising way of working with a horse and human. Her unique way of joining the two together in their own journeys.”

Her daughter Haley Giz adds, “Just as life’s evolution is comprised of both ups and downs, I have noticed that a human and her horse will ride a roller coaster together as well. There will be frustration and elation, sadness and joy. And so in that sense, the dynamic of my relationship with horses has felt very similar to my relationship with the world. Perhaps this is what I am most excited about in regards to Katja’s clinic – it is a priceless opportunity to understand both ourselves and our horses simultaneously.”

The clinic is also being hosted by a guest host, Mellanie Thomas from Peppertree Ranch in the San Fernando Valley. Mellanie and Tricia sat down to discuss the clinic format and Mellanie came up with this description: “During this visit it was equally agreed by all that the clinic format Katja could offer was exactly what was missing for so many of us. As a trainer herself, Mellanie realized Rider Energy Awareness was a constant factor to deal with regarding teaching the mental aspect of riding as well as the physical. In fact, Mellanie feels this component is primary to the development of the relationship between the horse and rider. She realized one can achieve perfect equitation, but if it is marred by other emotions such as tension, lack of confidence, or fear, then there will never be true harmony between horse and rider.”

When, Where, How much will this clinic be?

July 20-22, 2018 at Dream Ranch in Arroyo Grande. The cost is $450.00 for 3 full days. Katja has a special offering to all participants: Each rider will get a free 45-minute follow up coaching session (via phone) to review post clinic progress. Riders can address questions with Katja so you can stay on your course as you move forward.

Is it open to auditors? Yes – please contact Tricia for audit registration

What is the entry closing date? July 1st

Dream Ranch Clinic Details and Stabling

The Clinic begins Friday, July 20 following our daily student group breakfast served on campus at 9:00 a.m. – approximate time of end each day is 4:00 pm. A lunch break is scheduled every day for mid-day.

Stabling is available at Dream Ranch for your horse along with the facility to park your trailer or Living Quarters. Most students prefer to make arrangements to stay on campus and spend quality time with their horses throughout the clinic duration. This is why we provide a meal time at the ranch. This allows the students as much connection and relationship time with their horse as possible.

There is seating provided both in the classroom and at the arena areas. You are welcome to bring your own comfortable chair and supplies for the day. We offer coffee in the morning and cold drinks throughout the day. You are welcome to bring your ice chest filled with goodies. Sunscreen and a hat and such comforts are suggested.

For registration details and stabling cost please request a registration form and information by emailing Tricia at dreamranchtg@gmail.com.

Dream Ranch is located in Arroyo Grande in the Huasna Area. Directions will be provided after registration.

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