Face-to-Face Time with Vets and Friends: SLO Horse Expo | SLO Horse News

Face-to-Face Time with Vets and Friends: SLO Horse Expo

“We want to help horse owners ask the questions they don’t know to ask,” stated Dr. Waldsmith of The Equine Center in San Luis Obispo, “because unfortunately, the question you don’t know to ask will turn into an emergency situation.” This is why veterinarians and others in our community are banding together to make SLO Horse Expo 2017 happen.

“We deal with more emergency horse health situations now then when I first started my practice in 1982,” Dr Waldsmith explained, “because horse owners are staying isolated.”

He feels the primary reason for the increase in emergency care is that horse owners are not partnering with a veterinarian they have a trusted relationship with. A vet who knows the horse and owner who sees the horse throughout the year, can catch things which left ignored and untreated will turn into emergencies. “Most emergency situations can be prevented with proper care and knowledge,” added Dr. Waldsmith.

Face-to-Face Time at The SLO Horse Expo – February 21, 2017

Face-to-Face Time with Vets and Friends: SLO Horse Expo | SLO Horse NewsThe SLO Horse Expo 2017 is designed to bridge the gap between horse owners and veterinarians in our community while having a great time! Imagine a venue where you as the horse owner can get your questions answered, gain knowledge regarding horse health care, go shopping (with discounts from vendors), taste wine, eat yummy food, enjoy raffles, win door prizes and get your own swag bag. This and more is what’s in store for you at the SLO Horse Expo.

Veterinarians Want to Be a Part of Your Horse Wellness Program

To further your horse knowledge five different presentations on a variety of horse care subjects are being arranged. Topics will be presented by five local horse veterinarians who will be available to you during the Expo. If you miss a presentation, or have specific questions to ask, each veterinarian will have a booth where you can talk with him or her face-to-face. Local veterinarians who are not presenting will also have a booth of their own and will be available to the horse community throughout the evening.

We Can Also Learn From Each Other

A variety of local horse clubs will have representatives at booths during the Expo. Here we can find our own niche where we can be a part of a community of horse enthusiasts who love what we love. Developing relationships within the horse clubs helps us learn from each other. We can push each other to become better horse owners through education, seminars and clinics.

Get the SLO Horse Expo on Your Calendar

Stop the cycle of isolation, come increase your horse knowledge and meet local veterinarians and other horse owners. Plan to do some shopping, wine tasting, and food sampling. Make plans to attend the 2017 SLO Horse Expo Tuesday, February 21, 5:30 – 8:30 pm at the Madonna Expo Center (near the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo). The Expo is presented by Platinum Performance, SLO Equine Practitioners Alliance and Zoetis. SLO Horse News will be there!






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