Smiles Abound at the Intro to Carriage Driving Day

Smiles, smiles . . . all attendees had a smile on their face at the Intro to Carriage Driving Day hosted by Brass Oaks Driving Society. A beautiful setting and an equally lovely day provided the perfect backdrop for the variety of turnouts available for the interested to drive.

Madeline Machamer of WhiteHorse Carriage brought elegance with her Percheron, Pearl, who pulled a Victoria Carriage.

Several Brass Oaks Driving Society members hitched up their draft horse, horse, pony or miniature horse to a cart or carriage and let participants take the lines and drive as they sat beside them.

Not A Spectator Day, But a Participant Day

Nancy Schmidt and her pair of minis, Queeny and Princess, pulled a Wagonette, which seats four so passengers got to switch off being the driver

“It’s so much fun!” was the frequent comment heard as fresh drivers disembarked. One participant who was a passenger as her friend drove the wagonette exclaimed, “I just laughed as she drove!”

Jackie Pamplona and her Canadian Horse, Amie, drove an
Ashford Carriage

Karen from Santa Barbara was glad she came, “I’ve never driven a horse before and there I was doing a circle. It was amazing!” Her friend, Carol appreciated all that went into providing the unique experience. “I am thankful for the generosity of the owners. What a great way to give people a hands-on driving experience.” 

Kay Weeks and her beautiful Gypsy Vanner Stallion, Kaloo, pulled a Pacific Cart.
Rachel Nolan trotted her miniature horse, Shadow, around in a mini cart.

Prospective drivers were able to negotiate a course of cones, drive around the perimeter of the grass field, and enter the driven dressage arena. All turnouts were busy all the time so minimal waiting time was experienced by the participants.

Shawn Hester of Piece of Me Miniatures brought his mini horse, Solar, who pulled an Easy Entry Cart.

Thank you to the Host and Drivers and Horses for the Intro to Carriage Driving Day

Anne McClure and her Hackney, Rodger, pulled a Meadowbrook Cart

A huge shout out and thank you goes to the facility host, Anne McClure of Arroyo Grande, and all the drivers who shared their love of driving with all the participants.

Tips for Getting into the Sport of Driving

Lilla Hewitt hitched up Diane Kastama’s World Champion horse, Rupert, to her Meadowbrook Cart

“Driving is not an easy sport to get into,” admits Diane Kastama who headed up the day, “but everyone who drives needs help, so anyone interested can get started simply helping someone who drives.” Brass Oaks Driving Society could help connect you with drivers in your area.

Photo Credit: Sharon Jantzen

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