Tack up Consignment Makes Selling Used Tack Easy

Tack tends to accumulate. How great would it be if someone made selling used tack easy? Easy by taking your used tack off your hands, putting it up for sale and then handing you cash back? That someone is Brie at Tack Up Consignment. Brie is knowledgeable, professional and personable.

Tack Up Consignment is a Win-Win for Everyone

Brie is very professional and knowledgeable. She helped me earn extra money with tack I’ve bought over the years. Her advertising and shipping saved me a lot of time selling tack I no longer had a purpose for. She is very personable. I’m very happy 😊 with her business ethics! – Jill, Grover Beach

“I have really been enjoying working with our local horse community and getting to know all of my consignors,” says Brie. “I believe Tack Up Consignment is a win-win-win for everyone: An excuse to purge and clean out the tack room, extra spending money for my consignors, and happy customers getting a good deal by buying a quality used product that now has a new purpose.”

Brie meets with people who have used tack to sell at their location. Also, she can also meet with people who are traveling to SLO County for a horse activity. Her goal is making the consigning process easy and convenient.

After taking tack that is clean and “camera-ready” she handles the rest of the process including researching pricing, writing the descriptions, taking measurements, photographing the item, posting the items on social media, and paying for advertisement. Once the item is posted Brie interacts with customers by answering questions and quoting shipping costs. When a deal is arranged, she packs up the item(s) and sends them to their new home while collecting the payment. What a deal!

Getting Your Used Tack Sold

This is a fantastic way to sell tack. Brie does all of the research on pricing, takes beautiful photos of the merchandise and gets quick results. She is very organized and quick to respond to inquiries. Highly recommend. – Vicki, Atascadero

Quality western tack, western bits, horse boots and seasonal items like fly sheets are currently selling well. On average it takes about 30 days for items to sell, some items sell faster and some slower. Saddles and high-dollar items tend to take a little longer. If an item has not sold in 60 days, Brie reaches out to the consignor and discusses a price drop and putting the item up for another 60 days.

No time is wasted in getting an item sold. If interest is sparse in the first week, Brie boosts the post to get more eyeballs looking at it. She continues to re-evaluate the selling process for each item throughout the consignment period. Different payout options are also available. Consignors can receive payment through Venmo every time an item sells or get one check at the end of the month.

Preparing Your Used Tack

I want to let you know what a pleasure it has been to meet with you over the last few months. I always held onto items, because there will always be another horse that could use it, but you can never find it when “that” other horse arrives, so you go buy another, whatever it is. It was a great spring cleanup of excess horse items, made some money, and items will be reused by someone. – Robby, Arroyo Grande

Brie provides suggestions for increasing used tack sales and defines the condition of the tack she will consign. “The tack must be 100% functional. Any flaws must be purely cosmetic. For example, I can’t accept anything with stitching coming loose in a critical area as this could be a safety issue. As for cosmetic condition, items must be in at least good condition. Obviously, the better condition the item is in, the higher the asking price will be.

You’d be surprised how many items can go from good to excellent condition with just a bit of elbow grease though! Spending a little time cleaning can result in a much higher price, and definitely makes for much better photos, which will attract more potential customers.”

Selling Used Tack – The Difference is in the Details

My experience with Tack Up Consignment and Brie has been nothing but the best! She is great to work with; very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Brie to anyone looking to consign their items. I’ve turned some unused items into new great show clothes!! – Erica, Pozo

Anyone with used tack can put it up for sale. However, the difference Brie makes is in the details. She describes her value here: “Tack Up Consignment aims to provide a service by doing all of the leg work for the consignor and posting it on multiple platforms. I ensure that the products are imaged well, descriptions are thorough, measurements are accurate and recorded, and I communicate with potential buyers quickly.

I have an excellent rating on all my selling platforms as well, since I sell so many items. So, this attracts potential buyers because they know that I have a good track record and am a trustworthy seller based on my high ratings. This is an ideal service for someone with multiple items. There is also quite a lot of communication that goes on with potential buyers who may or may not end up purchasing the item. There are many window shoppers out there, especially for saddles.”

Since all sales are final, Brie makes sure that each customer buying the used tack understands and knows what to expect when they receive each item. That’s why Brie takes a lot of care in examining the item, photographing any flaws, and taking accurate measurements. “I want to ensure the item the buyer receives is exactly what they expected,” explains Brie.

Make Selling Used Tack Easy with Tack Up Consignment

Need someone to take that used tack off your hands? You can contact Brie in a variety of methods.

Instant messenger through Instagram and Facebook or through e-mail

·  Facebook: Tack Up Consignment

·  Instagram: @tackupconsignment

·  Email: tackupconsignment@gmail.com

How Much Does the Seller Get of the Sale?

You are probably wondering, “How much do I get for my tack?” Good question and Brie has worked out the payment scale.

“At this time, there is no initial fee to consign,” explains Brie. “Once items sell, the owner keeps 70% and Tack Up Consignment keeps 30%. Saddles are 75% owner, 25% Tack Up Consignment. If any item does not sell within the designated consignment period, the owner gets the item back, free and clear.”

Need more info? See our initial story: Tack Up Consignment – A Local and Virtual Used Tack Shop

I’m sure you may have tack items collecting dust in your tack room or garage. Dust them off, clean them off then contact Tack Up Consignment. You can be free of the items with some cash in your pocket. Connect with Brie of Tack Up Consignment to make selling used tack easy.

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