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Tack up Consignment – A Local and Virtual Used Tack Shop

“As both a horse owner and a proud bargain hunter, I am so excited to combine these two passions and see where this venture goes!” says Brie owner and originator of Tack up Consignment. Brie’s vision for helping sellers of used tack find buyers of used tack, virtually, jump-started her idea for starting Tack up Consignment – a virtual consignment “tack store” in SLO County.

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Tack Up Consignment Fills A Need

Born out of a need to provide a replacement for canceled used tack consignment sales, Brie began to ask fellow horse enthusiasts if there was a need for a local, virtual platform. Brie outlines her reasons for starting Tack up Consignment:

“First, many people have moved even more towards alternative and innovative means of retail shopping since the pandemic, including shopping online, utilizing drive up and drop off services, etc. I felt that shopping online via social media, while not a new concept in itself, served a current need in these times.

Second, I know that because of COVID, many of the traditional used tack exchange events were cancelled in 2020. Even if these types of events begin to resume this year, it may be quite some time before some people feel comfortable attending those events again.

Third, after asking many horse-owners if there was a need for an exclusive tack consignment “shop” here in this county, the answer was always a firm “YES!” This encouraged me to proceed with the process.”

How Does Tack up Consignment Work?

The process is pretty simple and Brie has streamlined the connection between seller and buyer. Brie makes arrangements to pick-up used tack from sellers, takes pictures of the tack then puts the items on the Tack up Consignment Social Media platforms.

Brie details the consigning process: “I take possession of the items for the agreed-upon consignment period. While in my possession, they are promptly photographed and uploaded to the social media sites. Potential buyers often request additional measurements or images, which I provide them as needed, which is why it is important the items are easy for me to access while consigned.”

Tack up Consignment – A Local and Virtual Used Tack Shop  | SLO Horse News

Buyers look over the used tack for sale on the virtual Social Media platforms and contact Brie for more info and for making the purchase. “I market and can ship sold products anywhere within the US. This greatly expands the market for the used items,” explains Brie.

Brie handles the packing and shipping of items and insures the items which is tacked onto the buyers purchase price. She really has streamlined the used tack sale process for both sellers and buyers.

Where Does the Used Tack Come From?

The used tack come primarily from horse enthusiasts in SLO County. Brie explains further, “Currently, incoming consignment product comes from those within SLO County. I’m willing to arrange to meet up with anyone within the county. With enough notice, I am happy to meet up with someone passing through the county as well, which could be a great option for someone coming into the county for a horse show, event or clinic!”

How Can You Get Your Used Tack Sold Through Tack Up Consignment?

Brie describes the consignment process: “If someone is interested in consigning, they can reach out via the Facebook or Instagram page or via email. I will send them a copy of the policy to review and set up a time to meet them. Usually, it is most convenient to meet up at the location of the consignor’s tack room so that we can go through each prospective item together.

Once the items are collected, I photograph and upload the items to the social media sites. Then, they are cross-posted where I see fit.”

How Much Does the Seller Get of the Sale?

“At this time, there is no initial fee to consign,” explains Brie. “Once items sell, the owner keeps 70% and Tack Up Consignment keeps 30%. Saddles are 75% owner, 25% Tack Up Consignment. If any item does not sell within the designated consignment period, the owner gets the item back, free and clear.”

Here are the platforms where Tack Up Consignment can be found:

Getting the Word out and Looking to the Future

Although Brie is just getting started, her vision for her service is expanding. “First and foremost, I am focusing on building the social media following. This will be done through advertising, sharing on various equine pages, and asking our horse community to spread the word by hosting contests that encourage sharing the Tack Up Consignment Facebook and Instagram accounts. Our horse community here, while diverse and large, is still very well-connected and tight knit. Once the word gets out, I am confident we will be off and running!”

Brie is excited about this service and is looking forward to seeing it grow. It has already been well-received. She says, “The response has been extremely positive! Many people have expressed excitement that this is available in our area. I am being so positively fueled by the encouragement of our wonderful horse community!”

So, if you have some used tack to sell or in the market for a new-to-you piece take a look at Tack Up Consignment on the following platforms:

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