No-Camping Horse Camping : Sea Pines Golf Resort | SLO Horse News

No-Camping Horse Camping : Sea Pines Golf Resort

When you consider taking your horses with you on vacation, usually it means camping. While horse camping is a fun and unique experience, some people are just “over the camping thing” as stated by Cindy Duggan, Resort Manager of Sea Pines Golf Resort in Los Osos, California. Here you’ll find a unique, no-camping horse camping option in one of the top trail riding locations in California.

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No-Camping Horse Camping : Sea Pines Golf Resort | SLO Horse News

A Trail Rider’s Dream: No-Camping Horse Camping

No-Camping Horse Camping : Sea Pines Golf Resort | SLO Horse News

Imagine a well-appointed room, with a golf course view, next to the back bay of Morro Bay with access to Montana de Oro trails via horseback at a venue where both you and your horse stay. Does it sound like a dream? It is a reality. Sea Pines Golf Resort has pipe corrals waiting for your horse while you enjoy a comfortable and cozy room – all part of staying at Sea Pines Golf Resort.

“Our horse riding guests think this is an awesome service!” remarks Cindy. Sea Pines Golf Resort has been in business for over 50 years and has been offering horse accommodation for about five years now.

Horse Accommodation Details at Sea Pines Golf Resort

Rest easy knowing your horse is enjoying his own pipe corral, within your reach. Eight 12×12 pipe corrals are available. Two corrals can be booked per room, with one horse per corral. Owners are responsible for providing feed, feeding their horses, filling the water buckets (which are provided) and for mucking the stall(s). So although you are on vacation, you will still be tending to your horse’s needs.

Amenities for the Rider and Guests – Overnight and Day Users

No-Camping Horse Camping : Sea Pines Golf Resort | SLO Horse News

There are a variety of room choices to accommodate parties from a couple to a family. An on-site restaurant at the Clubhouse makes dining easy and delicious. After your trail ride take advantage of the numerous Spa services like a massage all with the focus on relaxation and tension reduction. An executive nine-hole golf course is the primary feature of Sea Pine Golf Resort. The executive course is considered one of the most challenging in California. There is something for the whole family here at Sea Pines Golf Resort.

No-Camping Horse Camping : Sea Pines Golf Resort | SLO Horse News

Day use riders and their guests can enjoy these amenities too. Simply make arrangements for your horse to stay in a corral while you enjoy a meal, get a massage or play a round of golf. Make it a his and her day where you can each enjoy an activity on your own and enjoy coming together for a meal or spa service. You will be responsible for the feed and feeding, water and stall cleaning of your horse for the day. Adding one or all of these activities to a day ride will make one spectacular day!

Put Sea Pines Golf Resort on Your Riding Destinations List

No-Camping Horse Camping : Sea Pines Golf Resort | SLO Horse News

This spot is really quite unique where you can ride your horse and stay in comfort while enjoying everything a golf resort has to offer. Put Sea Pine Golf Resort in Los Osos, California on your list of riding destinations where you can stay with your horse. Here you stay in comfort, with your horse nearby.

Local riders can also enjoy all the spa services, restaurant and golf course on top of a great riding day. Together, you and your horse can go exploring one of the top trail riding locations in California while staying in style or adding resort services to your day. Check out our story of the trails you can access while horse camping at Sea Pines Golf Resort.

Cover and trail ride photos: Sharon Jantzen all other photos courtesy of Sea Pines Golf Resort.

Go Horse Camping! Explore the wonder and beauty of the SLO County trails from the best place on earth, the back of a horse. You and your friends and family plus horses can camp right next to the trails! To help you get packing, you can use this FREE Horse Camping packing checklist. We’ll continue to post horse camping stories on the SLO Horse News website. You can stay up-to-date by becoming a SLO Horse News herd member. Get your Horse Camping Checklist here >.

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