Join the Fun of a Memorial Trail Trial Honoring Fallen Heroes and Horses

Can you get the best of a Federal Cowboy at a Trail Trial? The US Customs and Border Protection team is again the team to beat. The 24rd Annual Western States Mounted Officers Association’s Memorial Trail Trial is scheduled for June 11, 2022. This event benefits the memory of fallen heroes and horses.

Additionally, the Rusty Spur Ranch will host a special event – To Be Determined – on Friday night June 10, 2022. Please watch your email for the special event details.

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Honoring Fallen Mounted Police Personnel and Mounts

“This is a memorial event held by WSMOA as a fundraiser for the non-profit and in memory of fallen mounted officers and their mounts.”

– James Cooper, WSMOA Board Member and Mounted Officer
Join the Fun of a Memorial Trail Trial Honoring Fallen Mounted Police Personnel and Mounts | SLO Horse News

The WSMOA Trail Trials honors fallen mounted personnel and mounts. For more than two decades the Trail Trials have honored the dedicated Mounted Police heroes and horses by remembering them while riding and competing, building camaraderie, having fun, and winning prizes. . A short memorial ceremony opens the day on Saturday morning.

Competing in the Memorial Trail Trial

Join the Fun of a Memorial Trail Trial Honoring Fallen Mounted Police Personnel and Mounts | SLO Horse News

The Memorial Trail Trials is a trail course consisting of sensory obstacles. These obstacles are designed to challenge the horse and rider team, while building confidence and trust for both. Horse and rider pairs compete in classes and on teams.

The Trail Trials challenges horse and rider pairs through an obstacle course. Participants compete against other horse/rider pairs over a variety of obstacles. The course encompasses two covered arenas and over the adjacent five acres. Competitors ride out in small groups and tackle the obstacles one person at a time with a group.

Compete as a Horse/Rider pair and or as Part of a Team

Join the Fun of a Memorial Trail Trial Honoring Fallen Mounted Police Personnel and Mounts | SLO Horse News

Trail Trial classes include sworn police mounted unit personnel, civilian riders, youth, and Teams. A team of four horse/rider pairs may be mix of any participants. However, the perpetual team trophy goes home to the headquarters of the sworn personnel, if any, on a team.

Participants are not required to be on a team, however, team prizes build camaraderie. Competitors are not required to physically ride with a designated team. To form a team, simply pick three other people to combine scores with. The highest scoring team will win the perpetual trophy. Teams may be a mix of any four riders, regardless of their designation (Law Enforcement Officer, Search and Rescue, etc.). You can register with your specific team or create a team at the event check in. If you want to be on a team and don’t have one, the organizer will help you find one!

The day begins with a rider safety briefing and course description. From there, horse/rider pairs set out on the course, completing 12 obstacles. The first rider will start the course at 9:30 am. Each obstacle will have a judge. Riders will follow the judge’s directions to complete the obstacle and receive a score. Riders may ride with their team, or individually. Each horse/rider pair receives an individual score and a team score.

Afternoon Speed Event

Once all the horses are through the morning Trail Trial, the speed event is set up and runs after lunch on Saturday. The speed event is included as part of registration. The obstacle course portion of the event will take place on Saturday morning followed by a lunch break. After lunch, several obstacles will be set up in the arena. Any horse and rider pair looking to try their hand at speed obstacles is encouraged to do so. You do NOT have to gallop the event, you may walk/trot if you like. Fastest time takes the prize! If you don’t want to participate, stall your horse, grab a chair and come cheer the others on!

More Memorial Trail Trial Event Details

The registration fee of $125 includes lunch and dinner on Saturday for each registered rider. Additional meal tickets for guests will be available if you RSVP by June 5, 2022 for them. Following Saturday’s Speed Event, dinner along with the Awards Ceremony and Raffle takes place. Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue Units are encouraged to donate a prize to the raffle. All participants are welcome to stay overnight both Friday and Saturday nights.

Please note, Law Enforcement personnel and Search And Rescue members who are eligible to join WSMOA must join in order to compete. If you are not a current member, you can apply online at

Registration and More

Register for the Memorial Trail Trial located at The Rusty Spur Ranch, 0925 Rusty Spur Ln., Clovis, CA 93619. A memorial ceremony begins the day on Saturday at 8:00 am. The first rider group goes out at 9:30 am.

Special Events: The Rusty Spur Ranch will host a special event, TBD on Friday night. Please watch your email for event details.

Stalls/Camping: Stalls are included for WSMOA members and are available to others for $10/per night. Limited camping is available. Please contact to inquire about camping. Stalls and camping are available Friday and Saturday night.

Nearby Hotels:

Best Western Clovis Cole – 415 Clovis Ave, Clovis Ca 93612 (559) 299-1547

Hampton Inn and Suites – 855 Gettysburg Ave, Clovis Ca 93612 (559) 348-0000

Holiday Inn Express Clovis – 650 W Shaw Ave., Clovis Ca 93612 (559) 297-0555

For additional information please contact WSMOA at (408) 482-7759 or email

All photos courtesy of Western States Mounted Officers Association

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