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Working a Horse at Liberty – the Ultimate Conversation

A horse at liberty is working without a halter, bridle, rider, saddle, longe line or longeing cavesson; the horse is completely free. . . free to run around way too fast, free to switch directions, free to face his rear at you, free to stop and roll, free to snort and look away, free to respond to you.

So what aids do you have to offer the horse who is responding to you at liberty? What if the horse decides to run crazy free when you have actually asked him to walk? You have no aid to back up your voice and body language . . . so what now?

Kathy Baar Clinic at Dream Ranch October 25-29

Kathy Baar, an insightful and skilled horsewoman, whose specialty is working horses at liberty, will be here on the Central Coast conducting a clinic October 25-29, 2017 at Dream Ranch in Arroyo Grande, CA. She’ll answer and demonstrate answers to these questions during her clinic time.

Trisha Giz of Dream Ranch has this to say of Kathy, “I first met Kathy in Pagosa Springs in 2003 while she was studying and working at the Parelli Ranch. She was an inspiration to me then, and today I consider Kathy Baar a mentor and an insightful, skilled horsewoman.”

Trisha went on to describe Kathy’s horsemanship skills, “Kathy holds the versatility of teaching a large variation of disciplines. Her skill level and understanding of a horse at liberty, which is the ultimate conversation with a horse, is a true specialty for Kathy.  Her teaching abilities with a group of students offers them a strong progressive learning environment.”

As a clinic participant you will take part in learning from Kathy too. When she is here she’ll conduct, “Liberty sessions, along with Individualized attention, in-depth perspective into horse behavior, developing an action plan for the future, and having a TON of FUN with fellow horse addicts!” expressed Trisha.

Who is Kathy Baar?

Kathy Baar is an instructor from Lexington, KY. Her business is Raising The Baar, LLC and is inspired by the Parelli Program. Her goal is to teach people how to get amazing results with horses. Kathy specializes in horse behavior and helps students solve problems with their horses as well as progress in their horse psychology and foundation. She regularly teaches across North America and influences horse human relationships in person as well as through her book “Solving Separation Anxiety”.

Working a Horse at Liberty – the Ultimate Conversation | SLO Horse News


How Can You Get in on the Fun?

The Kathy Baar clinic will be held at Dream Ranch, located in the beautiful Huasna Valley of Arroyo Grande, CA, October 25-29. Give Tricia a call for pricing and directions.

Auditors are welcome and pre-registration is suggested. Call Tricia to register.

The closing date for the clinic is October 25. Participant payment is due in full by September 25th. Rider spaces are limited so call early if you plan to ride.

Tricia at Dream Ranch

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Stabling for the participants’ horses is available. Dream Ranch provides all registered riders with breakfast and coffee to start their day! Participants and auditors should bring their own chair, water and lunch or money for lunch. A lunch runner into town may be provided.

Dream Ranch is located in Arroyo Grande in the Huasna Area. Directions will be provided after registration.

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