Get More Out of Your Barn Time with Time-saving Tools

Get More Out of Your Barn Time with Time-saving Tools | SLO Horse News

Horse ownership is time consuming. We spend more time taking care of our horses than actually riding. Horses need to be cared for every day – all year – whether we ride or not. Feeding, mucking, cleaning, tacking up and riding all take time so we need time-saving tools to make the most of our barn time.

Barn Time – Getting Things From Here to There

Get More Out of Your Barn Time with Time-saving Tools | SLO Horse NewsMucking, transporting, cleaning, feeding – all these activities are made easier with a versatile transport device. You need a tool to help you get necessary items from here to there. Little Giant Mulit-purpose Muck Bucket Cart is easy to push which saves your back.  It can adjust to different uses, stores away easily and can be brought with you on adventures. A useful cart will become your best barn tool. Use it for mucking stalls, transporting feed bags or tack, carry out the trash, etc., and you can even take it with you on your travels!

Barn Time – Feeding

Get More Out of Your Barn Time with Time-saving Tools | SLO Horse NewsTake fewer steps during feeding time by pre-planning rations. Set out all the horses’ feed rations ahead of time in order of how you feed – last horse to first horse. Place rations in a feed cart in your feeding order with the last horse’s ration on the bottom. Now you’ll just wheel the cart down the aisle and quickly feed each horse without going back and forth to the feed storage area.

Barn Time – Mucking Out Stalls

Mucking out a stall with a fork with missing tines takes twice the time, as the “horse apples” fall through and have to be picked up again. You need a manure fork that won’t lose its tines. Get several manure forks with replaceable heads and place them where manure happens – near stalls, near the grooming area, in the barn aisle, in the horse trailer, and on the path to the arena – so you don’t have to take extra time looking for a manure fork.

Barn Time – Help When Working in Low Light or No Light

Get More Out of Your Barn Time with Time-saving Tools | SLO Horse NewsNeed an extra hand for a flashlight? Scrounging in the dark corner of the trailer tack room? Feeding horses in the dark? Need extra light out in the corral to dress a wound or see your horse more clearly? You can save time at the barn when you get light on the subject. Here’s a handy light source which attaches magnetically to anything metal and features a hook for storage and use. Place it in your trailer for extra horse area lighting and in the trailer tack room/compartment to illuminate tack and equipment as needed. Attach it to the lid of your feed bin to assist feeding after dark. Hook it on your feed cart for light while feeding in the dark. You’ll save time and be safer with a good, portable light source.

Barn Time – Have Horse Boots and Accessories Available at Home and on the Go

Get More Out of Your Barn Time with Time-saving Tools | SLO Horse NewsHorse boots, wraps and accessories are used at home and on the road. So many parts and pieces can easily get left behind, lost in the trailer tack room or fall out of your arms as you transfer them from barn tack room to trailer tack room. Keep all your leg accessories and other items in one convenient bag which easily travels with you.  You’ll always know where the boots, wraps and accessories are when you have one storage bag to keep them in.

Barn Time – Rolling Wraps and Bandages

Get More Out of Your Barn Time with Time-saving Tools | SLO Horse NewsRe-rolling polo wraps and bandages is a necessary part of every ride if you use them. You sit and roll the wraps along your thigh taking time from your day. Sometimes you probably just bunch the wraps together and stuff them in your tack trunk to be sorted another day . . . taking time away from your next ride. You can re-roll Polo wraps and bandages quickly and easily every time you use them with a wrap roller. This handy tool attaches to the wall and provides an easy way to re-roll wraps. Everyone at your barn will be using this! Place one in your trailer tack room for use on the road.

Barn Time – Cleaning Tack

Get More Out of Your Barn Time with Time-saving Tools | SLO Horse NewsYes, taking care of your tack is important, but it’s also time consuming. Getting out the sponge, soap and oil every time you ride probably isn’t in your daily schedule. Yet, you’ve investment money in your tack and you know it’s important to keep equipment clean and in good repair. You can both save time and keep tack clean with pre-moistened tack cleaning wipes. Just have these on hand and get into the habit of quickly wiping your tack after a ride and dusting off your boots and chaps and you’ll be saving time and keeping your tack up. You’ll want to still do a good cleaning on a regular basis, but your tack cleaning time will be reduced with regular quick maintenance wipes.

So make the most of your Barn Time with time-saving tools. You’ll have more time to ride, which is probably why we have horses in the first place!

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