Night Lights: Horsing Around in the Dark

Night Lights: Horsing Around in the Dark | SLO Horse News

As we move into the Fall and Winter seasons, the days are getting shorter, which means our “after work” hours are mostly dark.  This puts a serious damper on our riding and horse care time; pressing into the available daylight hours to ride and do barn chores.  The great thing about the Central Coast, though, is that even when the days get shorter, the weather is still fantastic. The creative equestrian can extend the daylight hours by utilizing night lights for riding and getting those all-important horsey chores done after dark.

Night Lights for Barn Chores

Night Lights: Horsing Around in the Dark | SLO Horse News

Roma Helmet Torch with 4 settings for a variety of uses

Get your barn chores done using a hands-free head lamp.  The Roma “Helmet Torch” LED Helmet Headlight has four adjustable settings to allow you to customize the amount of light you need in the barn, at the trailer, or out on the trail. You can even pivot the light to shine right where you need it most. The adjustable, and comfortable, head band keeps the light in place on your head, hat or helmet.  Best of all, it’s a killer fashion statement!

Night Lights: Reflective Wear to Be Seen In

Night Lights: Horsing Around in the Dark | SLO Horse News

Reflective kneepatch riding breeches.

Do you ever ride along a road or trail at dusk or at night and wonder whether people in cars, on bicycles or even on foot can see you? You will be sure to be seen with reflective gear.  This is a practical and relatively easy solution to keep yourself visible and safe when you’re out on the trail.  Check out these reflective patch breeches Safe Rider’s Gear Reflective Kneepatch Riding Breeches. You’ll show up when lighting isn’t ideal.

Night Lights: Horsing Around in the Dark | SLO Horse News

Reflective Safety Vest

Top off the reflective breeches with The Safe Riders Gear Safety VestIt’s a high performance, high visibility, reflective vest that is breathable, adjustable, stylish and lightweight. It is designed by riders for riders who know what you need to be comfortable and safe at the same time.

Night Lights: Reflective Gear for Your Horse

Night Lights: Horsing Around in the Dark | SLO Horse News

Reflective leg bands


Night Lights: Horsing Around in the Dark | SLO Horse News

Reflective chest plate band

The horse is actually more at eye level to a car driver than you are as a rider, so reflective gear on your horse makes a lot of sense.  Keep him (or her) visible to traffic and other light sources – even the moonlight will illuminate reflective surfaces. Be sure your horse is seen first with Safe Riders Gear Leg Bands , then top the leg bands off with a Safe Riders Gear Chest Plate. The velcro attachment around the horse’s neck can be used with any type of tack regardless if you use a breast collar or not.

Don’t assume that the shorter days mean less time at the barn or in the saddle.  The darkness doesn’t have to steal your horsey-time, and it doesn’t even have to put a serious damper on your workout or training routines.  Get yourself some portable light sources and some great reflective gear, and make the Fall and Winter season your best yet!

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