Connect with Nature at the Cayuse Ranch Endurance Ride

Experience majestic oak woodlands and ride on beautiful Cayuse Ranch wild trails while raising funds to support SLOPOST. This is all a part of enjoying the second annual Cayuse Ranch Endurance Ride in Santa Margarita. Mark your calendars for December 10 & 11, 2022.

UPDATE: Ride moved to April 22 – 23, 2023

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Added Bonus to the Cayuse Ranch Endurance Ride is a Ride and Tie plus an Equathon

New this year is a Ride and Tie and an Equathon. This addition opens up the experience to both riders and runners. An Equathon is like a biathlon but instead of biking part of the course you ride it on a horse.  You can enter the Equathon as an individual (ride the course then run the course) or as a team (one person rides and another person runs the course after the horse comes down to resting pulse). Ride & Tie is completed as a team (one rider and one or two runners).

“I love seeing how much people enjoy the ride. I love sharing the beauty of Cayuse Ranch and hope many will come to appreciate the land,” says Dana Tryde the ranch and ride manager regarding her vison for the ride. If you don’t have a horse, then join up with a rider and be the runner for the Ride and Tie or Equathon.

The Cayuse Ranch Setting

Cayuse Ranch is purposed to preserve and protect the land. It is beautifully set among the wild oaks in Santa Margarita. This year the vision is extending beyond the ranch to come along side SLOPOST – San Luis Obispo Parks, Trails and Open Space Foundation. SLOPOST is a charitable non-profit organization 501(c)3 encouraging parks, open space and trails in San Luis Obispo County.

Connect with Nature at the Cayuse Ranch Endurance Ride | SLO Horse News

The Cayuse Ranch Endurance Ride takes place on December 10 & 11, 2022. Ranch manager Dana Tryde along with Deby Lyon (Montana de Oro Endurance Ride) and Kathleen Phelps (Huasna Endurance Ride) are combining forces to manage the ride.

Ride Options for the Cayuse Ranch Endurance Ride

UPDATE: Ride moved to April 22 – 23, 2023

Three different AERC sanctioned endurance rides are offered on Saturday December 10 with distances from 13 (Introductory Ride), 25 (Limited Distance) and 50 miles (Full).  On Sunday, December 11 the continuation of the Limited Distance endurance ride is 30 miles long. Sunday also hosts The Ride and Tie at either 10 or 20 miles and the Equathon which is 10 miles long.  There are a lot of hills!

  • Endurance Ride Entry fees are: Intro Ride $100   Junior (<16), LD and Full 50 miles $125   Adults LD & 50 miles $135.
  • Ride & Tie Entry fees are: $125/team for the 20 mile ride and $90/team for the 10 mile ride and the Equathon.
  • A post entry fee of $20 will be applied to all entries postmarked after 11/20/2022. Entries deadline date is December 8, 2022.

Base Camp at Cayuse Ranch

UPDATE: Ride moved to April 22 – 23, 2023

Camp opens Friday morning 12/9/2022 and closes Monday am 12/12/2022. There is plenty of room on flat ground to set up your rigs. Horse water is provided. The pre-ride vet check will be Friday, December 9 when the first vet arrives. Vetting for Sunday rides TBA.

Directions to Base Camp can be found under ride detail at

Volunteers are needed. If you can’t ride or run and still want to experience this majestic Cayuse Ranch then become a volunteer. You can sign up here > Volunteer Sign Up

Come join the fun as a rider, a runner or a volunteer and experience the stunning Cayuse Ranch.

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