Happenings – Special Events

Experience a Depth of Horse Knowledge at The Movement 2022


The Movement 2022 includes presenters and students who will be gentling wild horses, teaching groundwork and trailer loading, and even riding a Mountain Trail course. Experience everything from holistic health and hoof consults, to bodywork for your horse and for yourself. New this year, for the very first time, at The Movement 2022, VIP guests will be able to book a one-on-one private session with the presenters. Get in on the action June 17-18 at Flag Is Up Farm in Solvang, CA.

Mountain Trail Course Comes to Flag Is Up Farms


A world-class Mountain Trail Course is now a part of the experience at Flag Is Up Farm in Solvang. The two-acre course is located on the in-field of Flag Is Up Farm’s race track and includes over 22 mountain trail obstacles. The new mountain trail course includes bridges, teeter totters, a trench, water obstacles, a gate, logs, fan, balance beams, crossbucks, Texas two-step and more. The full course will be used for clinics and IMTCA challenges.

Boogy Boo Desensitizing Horse Camp and Trail Ride


Horse Camping presents a new set of “Boogy Boo” things for your horse to accept. Although most horses take the adventure in stride, all can use some desensitization regarding things they will encounter in camp and out on the trail. Come experience all things about a horse camping weekend at the Boogy Boo Horse Camp Event. Sharon Jantzen provides the details.