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Dressage Training for Every Horse | SLO Horse News

Dressage Training for Every Horse


Dressage, when presented patiently and correctly, enhances a horse’s gaits, builds beautiful topline muscling in the body, and creates a more focused mind with willing cooperation. Our local, top-level Dressage rider and trainer Barbi Breen-Gurley shares her insight on how dressage training benefits all horses.

Two April Clinics to Improve your Riding Skills | SLO Horse News

Two April Clinics will Improve your Riding Skills


Move over April Showers because this spring April brings two riding clinics to improve your riding skills. Ryan Pfouts focuses on how your riding position influences the way your horse goes. Shelby Hume will help you find the sweet spot of riding. Sharon Jantzen gives us the details of these two clinics held at Dream Ranch in Arroyo Grande.