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Four Fun Horse Facts for You to Figure Out | SLO Horse News

Four Fun Horse Facts for You to Figure Out


Since she often has the pleasure of introducing horses to people who have little to no exposure to our wonderful equine friends, Sharon often shares the following fun horse facts. Thinking there was still more to know about each, Sharon Jantzen did a little research to add even more to these fun horse facts. Test yourself. Can you figure out the answers to these four horse facts?

Rainy Day Actvity Ideas for Getting Your Horse Out | SLO Horse News

Rainy Day Activity Ideas for Getting Your Horse Out


We should also not forget that the stalled horse (and owner!) needs a bit of “outside time” even when the “sky is falling” or the ground is too wet for a lunge, a turn out or a ride. So, let it rain! Local equestrian friends give us ideas for rainy day activities with our horse friends. Sarah Williams gives us their ideas.

Setting Goals and Sticking to Them


We get pleasure when we feel as though we have accomplished something, and we feel guilt, stress, and displeasure when it feels as though we have failed to accomplish something; that’s just the nature of life. From our horse’s perspective, goals are just as important, because horses are at their best when they have a strong leader. Sarah Williams explores riding with intention by setting goals.

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The Art of Pressure and Timing


When it comes to communicating with a horse, we have to learn how to speak their language, and we also must teach them how to speak our language. Sarah Williams give us a real application of the art of pressure and timing when communicating with our horses.