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Riding Helmets are Seriously Cool These Days


Riding helmets are more commonly worn by people across equestrian disciplines and even in the trail riding and pleasure community. Helmets are seriously cool these days! Come take a look at what helmets of today offer in the coolness factor – and cool is not just with colors. Sharon Jantzen talks about how helmet design has changed over the years.

Cowgirl Fashion | SLO Horse News

Cowgirl Fashion


Whether in the saddle, working on the ranch, or going out on the town, there is sure to be something here to help you spruce up your cowgirl look. Chanel Jensen takes us shopping for the latest in Cowgirl Fashion.

Keep Your Cool – Beat the Heat in the Saddle this Summer | SLO Horse News

Keep Your Cool – Beat the Heat in the Saddle This Summer


While there’s no better way to enjoy a summer than in the saddle, it can sometimes get a little uncomfortable (and possibly unsafe) on those warmer than average days. Don’t fret, though, there are two important ways that you can combat the effects of the sun and beat the heat in the saddle this summer. Sarah Williams shares her cool ideas to beat the heat in the saddle.

One-of-a-Kind Wearable Horse Art Created for You


Wendy at Pewter Gift Horse knows horses. As a former horse trainer, breeder and current ranch owner she knows the beautiful movements, the facial expressions, the touch of a horse. Her horse designs reflect this understanding. Wendy captures the flow and movement of a horse in each design – sometimes in an abstract way – and often reflecting a native American influence. Come enjoy seeing her beautiful wearable horse art in person through her Open Studio and Sale.