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One-of-a-Kind Wearable Horse Art Created for You

Wendy at Pewter Gift Horse knows horses. As a former horse trainer, breeder and current ranch owner she knows the beautiful movements, the facial expressions, the touch of a horse. Her horse designs reflect this understanding. Wendy captures the flow and movement of a horse in each design – sometimes in an abstract way – and often reflecting a native American influence. Come enjoy seeing her beautiful wearable horse art in person through her Open Studio and Sale.

Three Ways to Put “Spring” in your Riding Activities

Now is the time to get a new look for spring and be ready to enjoy your show season or trail riding season in comfort and class. Make sure you are covered and cool everyday while riding and working outside with a cooling shirt. Or become the “barn fairy” and make someone’s day by planting a fresh, colorful flower curry comb, Roma Body Brush or Mane Comb in a barn mate’s tack box. Sharon Jantzen tells us how.