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Turning Horse Manure into Gold : Horse Manure Composting


Do you have a horse manure factory in your backyard? What do you do with all that horse poo? The best management practice is to turn that mountain of horse manure into a mound of beautiful mulch through horse manure composting. Sharon Jantzen helps us understand the benefits of horse manure composting.

SLO County Guided Trail Rides | SLO Horse News

SLO County Guided Trail Rides


If you’re looking for a unique way to show off our beautiful SLO County to your friends and family, or if you are visiting from out of town, you may very likely be without enough horses to go on your own – in this case, a guided trail ride is perfect! Chanel Jensen updates our SLO County Guided Trail Rides list.

Get Going: SLO County Trail Rides


Get Going! Explore the wonder and beauty of the SLO County trails from the best place on earth, the back of a horse. Sharon Jantzen pulls together stories about places to ride in SLO County. To keep this info at your fingertips we have developed a Hot Sheet that will direct you to all these stories.