Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson Clinic in Tandem

When it comes to getting our horses performing at their top potential, we tend to primarily focus on specific training needs. Separately, we may also address our horse’s physical and mental needs that may be restricting the training.

What if we could focus on both training and physical needs in tandem? Well, that is the approach horsemen, Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson, take in the clinic, Considering the Horse: Mind and Body. Together, they will be addressing both sides: a horse’s training and physical needs.

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In tandem, both Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson, two world renown horsemen, will give participants the unique opportunity of addressing training issues as well as physical ones at the same time.  It is a whole approach to the horse. Hence the name of the clinic, Considering The Horse: Mind and Body.

Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson Join Forces

Get a feel for how these two horsemen, Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson, work together.
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Mark Rashid, coming from Colorado, is an intuitive horseman.  He has an incredible ability to know what the root of a training issue is and how to quietly work through it.  Also, Mark looks at things from a horse’s perspective and can give the rider a tremendous amount of insight on how to understand issues from the horse’s mind. Mark is a horseman, author and musician.

Jim Masterson, visiting from Iowa, is the founder of Equine Integrated Performance Body Work.  He approaches the horse from the perspective of looking and seeing where  physical restrictions are in its body. The benefit of connecting this to training is by releasing physical restrictions in the body, by addressing the horse’s nervous system, it releases mental and emotional restrictions as well.

These two horsemen have many things in common. Together, the most significant thing they can accomplish is getting the most out of what any horse can offer by staying below the brace response of the horse. 

Considering the Horse: Mind and Body

Clinic organizer, Anita Parra has experienced both clinicians separately. She shares her connection with both horsemen, “I have known Mark since 1998 and have hosted him many times at my place in Arroyo Grande.  In addition, I studied the Masterson Method in 2016 when I took both the two and five day classes taught by one of Jim’s accredited instructors. I met Jim in 2017, and my horse had the privilege of getting a body work session from him.”

Anita now pulls these two horsemen together for the Considering the Horse: Mind and Body clinic. She’ll be hosting this clinic at her place on November 20-22, 2020. Location: Big Horse Ranch 8102 Oyster Rock Place, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420. (Ranchita Estates by Lopez Lake)

The clinic results Anita is looking forward to is: “Seeing the positive changes in horse and rider in terms of movement, improved communication and mutual understanding.”

Considering the Horse: Mind and Body Clinic Specifics

Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson Clinic in Tandem | SLO Horse News

Date: November 20-22, 2020 – 9am- 5pm each day

Place: Big Horse Ranch 8102 Oyster Rock Place, Arroyo Grande, CA (Ranchita Estates by Lopez Lake)

Riding Spots Closing Date: October 15, 2020. The clinic and private sessions are already starting to fill.  $780 for all three days. Please contact Anita with questions or to reserve your spot. Anita Parra 805-474-8112 or

Auditors are welcome: The more the merrier.  $50/day to audit.  As an auditor, you have the benefit of observing and learning from both clinicians.

Bring your own chair, water, food and snacks. There is ample parking. Pipe corral stabling is available on site with arrangements made ahead of time.  The venue features a full-size dressage court, jumping arena, a track with cross country jumps.

In the event of rain there is a covered arena and covered stabling within a short walk from the main venue.

Also, private sessions are available with both Jim and Mark outside of the clinic by arrangement.

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