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Groundwork Sets The Stage for Communication from the Horse’s Back

Groundwork with our horses sets the stage for communication from their back. Teaching your horse to work with you at liberty while teaching your horse to do tricks builds confidence, communication and connection. Groundwork is not just for young horses, it’s a foundation that builds every time we groom, tack-up and lead our horses. We can always go back to groundwork to set the horse up for a successful next step in the training. Want to learn more about working your horse at liberty and teaching it tricks?

Groundwork Clinic Coming to SLO County

Sweetbeau Horses is excited to bring clinician, Sam VanFleet to our area! Sam works mainly with young horses especially Mustangs, PMU foals, and warmbloods. From gentling them to be quiet and soft, to their first ride under saddle, and beyond.  This clinic in particular is an introduction to liberty training and tricks, so there will be a lot of good groundwork foundation.

Who is Sam VanFleet?

Sam has competed in many Mustang Makeovers and specializes in training people on the gentling process for mustangs. Sweetbeau Horses loves Sam’s liberty training as well as her gentling process and they hope to apply this to not only Mustangs, but outside horses who come for the clinic. You can never have enough groundwork and foundation on a horse! 

What is Special About this Groundwork Clinic?

This Sam VanFleet clinic is going to be comprised of a great group of  horse people who want to teach their horses groundwork, build a solid foundation and move into communication off the line – introduction to liberty training. It will be great for all breeds/disciplines.

Sam VanFleet Day 1
Sam VanFleet Day 2

This Sam VanFleet clinic is two days – August 15th and 16th 2020. It will be held at Sweetbeau Horses  – a non-profit in Creston. Participants can opt to do both or one day – Each day the clinic runs from  9am – 3pm and includes a lunch break.  The cost is $200 per day. Stalls are available for an additional fee. 

Is the Groundwork Clinic open to auditors?

Yes!! Please come by!  It’s $60 per day per auditor.

7585 O’Donovan Road, Creston

What is the entry closing date?

Still open!! Until it fills.

For more information:

Contact Katie for more information (858)705-4203

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