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Enjoy a Variety of Fun Classes at an Open Jumper Schooling Show

Kick off your Spring Show Jumping plans with an Open Jumper Schooling show complete with a critique of each round by judge Kristin Hardin, a Grand Prix Show Jumping rider. March 24, 2019 is the date for the Open Jumper Schooling show which follows a Kristin Hardin clinic at Marcly Farms Equestrian Center in Nipomo.

With an awards-filled background and an active show jumping schedule, Kristin Medall Simpson-Ferguson Hardin has much to share with fellow equestrians. Kristin has 2,329 wins on 310 different horses with 31 Grand Prix wins and 9 Hunter Derby Championships.

Open Jumper Schooling Show Details

The Jumper Schooling Show at Marcly Farms Equestrian Center is open to all entries and has many fun classes with something for everyone – ground poles to 1.05 meter Jumpers. Kristin will provide a personal critique of each round. Check out this list of some of the fun classes found on the premium:

  • Bareback jumpers – contestants jump without a saddle.
  • Puddle Jumpers – low fences to introduce green horses or riders to faster and trickier courses.
  • Pick Your Own Line – riders figure their own way around a course jumping all the required jumps in a time limit.
  • 3-man Team Challenge – 3 separate horse/rider combinations or one rider can ride multiple horses each one making a separate pair. Team jumping course times are added together with the fastest team winning.
  • Ride and Drive – Jump a course then run to your carriage for a “cones” round.
  • Gambler’s Choice – Riders decide their own path to take the best advantage of the fence point values. Final score is determined by adding up total jump value points and subtracting any penalties. Sometimes a Joker fence is included where rider could gain a large amount of points or risk losing their points with a knockdown.

With fun courses like these, spectators will also enjoy the action of the day right along with the jumper riders.

Enjoy a Variety of Fun Classes at an Open Jumper Schooling Show  | SLO Horse News

Make a whole weekend of the event by auditing the Kristin Hardin clinic March 22-23 then jumping into the fun of the Open Jumper Schooling Show on March 24, 2019. Auditing is free and the class list contains the class fees. There is no post-entry fee. At this point the clinic is full, but auditors are welcome and the schooling show is open.

For more information and a show premium with class list contact Marcly Farms Equestrian Center by calling Kelly at: (805) 310-2555 or email: marclyfarms@yahoo.com

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